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Who, what, where and why?

The 'who' is easy. MHA Marketing works solely in the field of technical/industrial B2B, with specialisms in Packaging, Industrial Equipment and Water/Wastewater. More than 15 years of direct experience, working with names like FFP Packaging Solutions, Pulsar Process Measurement, Aquamatic, AUMA UK, Henkel, Boone Mixers, Greif and DuPont Teijin.

Images by MHA. On site and in studio


Experience is fine, but it has to be relatable. I haven't always been in marketing, you know...

I've been there, done that and, er, got the tee shirt. 15 years in sales before moving into marketing. Selling to large utilities, food companies and in industrial environments I've smelt the fear and done the deals. I know what pressures they are under - so I create relevant communications campaigns throughout the sales process. After all, that's what we're here for. To sell.


  • MHA is self-contained.┬áNot just words and PR pieces. Design, photography, video can all be done in-house, or project-managed through local partners for more complex work. Up-to-the-minute versions of the full Adobe software suite makes content development effective and efficient. I maintain a subscription to one of the main media databases, so we can accurately target everyone from magazines to bloggers to freelance journalists. I can manage Pay Per Click campaigns on Google and LinkedIn. Apart from the obvious external costs such as print, advertising etc., or where we use an external agency, all this is at no extra cost.
  • You deal with me. Work with a 'big' agency and you may well work with the minions. They may be good, some will be excellent, but they will change and, for an industrial customer, they will be junior. Why? Because a big agency will focus on big customers in consumer markets - where they make their big money. Marketing agencies typically don't like working with industrial companies. It's too hard and too complicated. Brand communications for bars, restaurants or fashion is faaaarrr easier.

What will we produce?

It all starts with Content. We can talk about multi-channel, omni-channel, link building, Thought Leadership, but at the heart of it, we have to create distinctive, credible, well-written content. And here...

Seriously, experience really counts. What do you want to do? Explain every last nuance to the agency? MHA will create authoritative content, whether that features in video, email communications, exhibition stand collateral, webinar/seminar support, magazines and on-line journals, or social media.

Here's one I made earlier. Shot on my Nikon D7000, with my carbon fibre 'dolly' to do the moving shots, edited in Premiere Pro, captions created in Photoshop. Easy way to quickly do tactical video for LinkedIn, website or presentations, where the sales team want to emphasise a particular point.

We won't forget the magazines, though...

Where will we work?

The key here is to identify the Change Agents. We want people to change what they have previously done. Certain individuals or teams within the business will drive that change, or that decision. Identifying who they are, what their roles are and what they need to know, is key to accurate targeting of the messages.

Key, though, is to keep the communications in the customers' space. At this stage, it's not about us. Press the right buttons for the right people.

Media Example

This graphic is just to demonstrate that there is a media ecosystem operating in every market, and we have to work out where the right placement for the specific message lies.

Yes, we will need a Content Calendar

We need to programme communications in relation to your specific requirements. Specific advantages based on particular equipment/products/services and applications will lead to the generation of articles that support those messages. Case Studies are often difficult to get, so they need to be cherished and used in a number of ways and from a number of angles...

Success stories and case studies have a long long life. They exist as leave-behinds, they supply the PROOF that what your sales people say is true. Along with other elements, they form part of the 'pipeline' communications that MHA will create for you to give more ammunition to the sales message.

Pipeline Communications

Throughout the sales journey, prospects will need different levels of communications, with a depth appropriate to the stage they are at. For example, there is no point in supplying detailed explanations of specification and materials when someone needs top level benefits of the product, and vice versa. MHA will work with the sales team to break down requirements at the various stages of the sales process and provide collateral to support them.

Why are we doing this?

This is all meaningless if it doesn't help to sell more. My industry expertise, background, sales experience and clear understanding of the process will help you to drive new business. Beyond that, we are reassuring prospects and reminding existing customers that you are continuing to develop and be successful, helping them to choose you again for their next project.

Where would I start?

Typically, we would define the key benefits of your business, products and service, and develop a set of top level themes around that, drilling down to the specific benefits of what you do. You may also have specific requirements, an exhibition to support, or a particular set of tasks. This is, after all, only a general piece. We can build future work and develop the right mix of collateral that best communicates your advantages.

I look forward to having the chance to work with you.

Let's talk.

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