Create an empty circle in a Keynote Presentation

Sometimes you want an empty circle or another shape to point out a particular spot on your slide or photo. Here╩╗s how to create one in Keynote and Pages.

1. On any slide click the SHAPES icon on the top toolbar. Click on a shape. A solid shape will appear on the slide (not like the ring below).

2. The Shapes Inspector panel should appear on the right. If it doesn't click once on the shape to select it. The white selection boxes should appear along its edge. In the Inspector panel make sure the STYLE TAB is selected.

Note; Clicking the blue up-down carat button for an item will display a drop down menu with options you can choose from.

3. Click the FILL dropdown button and choose No fill (the red line thru the white box means there is nothing inside the shape).

4. Click the BORDER drop down button to first choose the type of LINE (smooth, shaggy, dotted), the COLOR, and to change the thickness of the outline. For the color click the color swatch to choose another swatch. Click the pastel circle to click the color picker. If it's black, drag the slider to the left to bring in more white and light colors.

That's it! Once you have a circle, copy and paste it onto any slide you need. To resize it click once on the circle til you see the white selection boxes as above. Drag any of them in or out to reshape the object. Click once on a solid part of the object and drag to relocate it.

TIP: If you're taking the time to create these kinds of special objects, why not save them to use another day. Create a new Keynote presentation and title it something like "Useful Objects" Save a copy of your special formatted objects in this slide show. Then when you need to use them again, copy from your "Useful Objects" slideshow to your new slideshow. Change their color, size, lines etc. as desired. Build yourself a library of reusable objects to save time.

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