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It's time to change the game. To stand out. Be different.

Red Summit Media gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers on a level like never before. We've walked the walk. We've heard the talk. Now, we want to make our experience work for YOU

Traditional media (i.e. print, commercial radio, billboards) are no longer making the impact that your business needs. The world has gone digital - and that means you should too! Let's review the facts:

From mobile to video - smart businesses are investing in what works and what people are! Red Summit Media can help you create the content you need to tap into the demographic your seeking. The best part? We're willing to do it for less - A LOT LESS!

We want to prove to you not only what we're capable of doing, but also the results you will gain by using Red Summit Media for your marketing needs. EVERY business NEEDS to advertise, but not EVERY business has the budget to do so. If you knew that there was a way to ensure that your advertising dollars generated real results - would you take the chance? Of course you would! Red Summit Media has proven time and time again, that by using our digital services (video, photo, logo, graphics, audio and more) - your business will grow.

But - seeing IS believing. It's one thing for us to say that our services's another thing to believe that they will. That's why, for a limited time, we're willing to work on your first project for a rate that YOU determine! That's right - YOU CALL THE SHOTS. +If you've ever advertised before - whether it be print, radio or television - you'll know that it isn't cheap! Plus, there's no guarantee that ANYONE will be exposed to your ad. With Red Summit Media - we can tell you who you reached with your investment at anytime.

So what can we do for YOU?

VIDEO PRODUCTION / EDITING - Stylish, eye catching productions that grab the interest of your customers. We're all about 'shareable content' - meaning the videos we create for you are designed to be shared by others - over and over again. Heck, we can even take the footage that you shot with your video camera, phone, tablet, etc - and turn that into something mind blowing!!

RADIO - People LOVE music. They love it even more when there are no interruptions and they can choose what they want to listen to at anytime from anywhere. Red Summit Media gives you the radio freedom you crave and uses it to promote your business! And the best part? It's super affordable!

PHOTO - From cool cinegraphs to stylized photography, Red Summit Media can capture the essence of your business in a single image. Plus, that image will be something people want to stare out and show others. Trust me, you're busy will turn into eye candy.

Graphics / Logo - Need a poster? We've got it covered. A Logo? No problem. One of those cool whiteboard / explainer ads? Consider it done. We bring your business into the modern age - and all you have to do is sit back and let us do allllll the work.

MORE - creative writing, voice overs, radio commercials, blogs....there's not much we don't do. Just tell us what you need and *POOF* like a genie in a bottle we will grant your wish!

If you're tired of struggling to find ways to get noticed or to further grow your business - let Red Summit Media provide you with a new approach to advertising. One that works for YOU and your business. And, for a limited time, let us to do it for the rate you feel most comfortable with! Following that, and assuming you like what you receive, we'll give you a huge discount off your first campaign. Red Summit Media doesn't believe in locked in rates for various services, since each business and market is unique. YOU tell us what you can afford and we'll create a customized package that will best suit your needs.

Tell us about you and your business today to get started! Just email us your name, phone number, email and a brief description about who you are and why you feel our digital services may be worth trying out - and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a plan to help drive more traffic and revenue your way!



Red Summit Media

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