Blog The tear thief by miA bowdler and erun coyne

HI GUYS ! It's me hear the tear thief ,I'm about to go on a dangerous mission to collect some tears

I'm currently outside listening for children crying .oh no ! Someone's crying lets go and find them

I've found them cooped up in there bath room crying because they have soap in there eyes , the tears were red the colour of pain. After I collected the tears , I ran back to tell u you guys something as I was walking back down the streets, I saw a girl crying on her hands and knees making a puddle with her tears,and the loving person I am I went over to comfort her and to wipe her tears away.But here's the bad news she spotted me in her puddle of tears.I tried to explain who I was and she told me that she had lost her dog (I felt sorry for her ) so I decided to help her find her dog, before I had to go and do my special job.We went round all the streets until we found the dog . Eventually it was time for me to say goodbye ,next it was time for me to most important thing ,to take the tears to the moon . I flew up and connected them to the moon sadly the thing is the moon is made up of tears sad that is valuable and happy that a worth nothing .

BYE GUYS ! I will keep you updated XXX


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