My name is Arthur Balzotti. I am the lead instructor at Cape Tech Graphic arts on Cape Cod.

"My personal brand is how I represent myself to the world around me both professionally as well as personally."

Assignment #1: This assignment called for us to create a headshot with the specific size of 400x400 pixels.

I decided to have some fun with this. I used a friends dog and took some photos of her. Then took it into photoshop. Since I took the photo in raw mode I was able to use photoshop's raw filter to mix some shadows and light as well as crank up the detail. The original crop is still better than the 400x400 but it gets the job done with the limited size.

Assignment 2: This assignment was to design either a CV or a resume. I'm a designer so a resume is far more effective for me (in my opinion) I have always used InDesign to create my resume so this go around I used Illustrator. I decided to not put my headshot in because it did not fit thE look I was going for. I am happy with how it came out.

Assignment 3: Logo Design. As a professional designer I have created hundreds of logos. And as a teacher I have looked and critiqued thousands. So although this assignment was relatively easy it's always nice to look at it from another angle - this time as the student instead of the teacher. As far as setting it up for social media - I find Facebook's profile photo size for businesses to be very dated. And it's time they update the size to fit the businesses needs. The cover photo is easy enough to size the file for. I love teaching logo design to my students. And it seems each time we do it, they learn something new.

Assignment 4: This assignment required us to create an online portfolio. I have a professional one that I am sharing. I don't have everything I have done. I have kept it to just recent items. I really enjoy Behance. I require my students have a free online portfolio and Behance is really the best I can find. It allows for them to share their work with clients as well as college recruiters. I find that the direct tie-in to Adobe helps and the social aspect of it is really a great way for students to interact with others in the design and art world. Many of which are students they would not normally get a chance to discuss work with.

Assignment 5: This assignment was for us to give summative feedback to a student's online portfolio and a particular assignment within the portfolio.

We do critiques on a daily basis in my shop. So this was nothing new for me. We require our students to have an online portfolio and that they keep it updated. Part of the graduation requirement is to have both a physical and digital portfolio. The physical portfolio is critiqued by industry people who come in and look at the student work. It is our senior "final". It's a great way to get the work out into the public and for students to get a true interview feel.

I enjoy spark. I think it's great, especially for things that you teach every year. To have the lessons developed and just be able to show the video so that you know you cover the same material each time is perfect. I always worry I'm explaining something different or missing something over the years.

My final reflection:

This was by far my favorite course I have taken with Adobe. It was challenging, but it hit things that I am currently doing in my students in class. Which is great, because although I did not learn anything "new" I learned some great tips on how to do things differently. And I think in education, being able to change things up every so often really helps both you the teacher and the student. As a student of these classes I always enjoy collaborating with others and hearing/seeing what others are doing in their areas with their students. I found the projects fun and not difficult. But I took a lot away from this course.


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