Common Exhibit Number Three

For the Breathing Reboot Exhibit I chose my Music Exam from my music appreciation of the Western World class.

The test was located in our normal classroom so I felt very comfortable and at home in my normal everyday seat. The exam was during our scheduled class time so I felt awake and ready due to my Self Exhibit One. I studied pretty well leading up to the exam so i felt very confident going into the exam. I arrived a little bit early and sat down in my seat. That gave me a little time to relax, unwind, get warm(its been cold outside in the morning) and get my mind ready for this exam.

I performed the breathing reboot as soon right before the listening portion of the exam. I definitely felt a lot better and kind of relaxed after doing the reboot. Working through the multiple choice and then the true and false had me a little stressed. Although it was going well test taking is always stressful.

I got 14 out of 16 on the listening which after the exam confirmed that i will definitely be using this on future tests and before the listening on future music exams. Overall I received a 92 on the exam which makes me feel good about the reboot system

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