If you adopt a dog Kieu pham

If you adopt a dog, you will have a new friend!

If you have a new friend, you will not be alone!

If you never feel anole, you will have one to share your moments!

If you share your moments, you and your dog will be closer!

If you guys are closer, you will miss him when you're far away!

If you gonna miss him, you never lets he gone away!

And you will be happy!

But, one day, when the dog too old and he goneπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

You wil very hurt, and you will adopt another dog!


Created with images by khakidoggy - "Suspicious." β€’ vidalia_11 - "Happy dog" β€’ maura24 - "christmas photo christmas picture christmas family" β€’ familymwr - "Photographers expand horizons in 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest 110311" β€’ RachelBostwick - "baby dog beagle" β€’ deovolenti - "Happy Birthday, Pugs!" β€’ 947051 - "dog girl bordeaux" β€’ Norm_Bosworth - "husky child boy" β€’ weisserstier - "140817_Zentralfriedhof_122" β€’ Gellinger - "partner press news"

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