My Life with Wonder Woman & Superman By: Darcy Kay Ramirez

Life is an endless void filled with thousands of possibilities. We take life for granted all the time, and never truly appreciate the precious time we’re granted. We live as if we have all the time in the world when in reality, we are only given a few precious moments.

My life is not perfect. Now I may not have a million problems but my life is not filled with rainbows and butterflies either. I am the type of person who understands the concept that life is not easy it is unbearably hard, but that is what makes life so precious. The obstacles we face throughout our lives are the foundations of life. We fall, we get right back up, because we all have that one person who is always there beside us the whole time, but for me I don’t have that one person, I have two. And I call them mom and dad.

(Almost) All the Family

My parents are my saviors. They are like my own personal superheroes. I need them just as I always will because they are the two main puzzle pieces that fit perfectly in my heart. They have taught me to be independent, honest, kind, and understanding. They have bestowed upon me characteristics that will help me survive in the world, and because of that I will always be grateful and indebted to them. I never want to lose them, so I cherish every single moment I have with them. My parents are two halves of a whole. The are better together, never apart. My parents are the reasons I am here today, and are honestly the definition of love. My parents created something wonderful, a family. It's a word to describe the people you can only, ever truly hate and love, for love and hate cannot exist without the other. They are the only people you would kill for, but also they are the same people that you have wanted to kill at one point in your life. Whatever mistakes they have made and problems they have created, no amount of love for them has ever dimmed because family is truly the first love of anyone’s life. My parents are the core of my family.

They're two halves of a whole

My dad is like Superman in disguise, and only a few people know the “true” person hidden inside. He possesses a prowess only a rare few have the privilege of obtaining. He is like two people wrapped in one piece of perfection. He is cold but never cruel, and sweet but never sugar. My dad was the person who picked me up whenever I fell, he was the first person to hold me the moment I came into this world. My dad is in every memory I can re-frame because he is the purpose of making memories. My dad is like the moon I may not always see every integral part, but I can always and forevermore feel its presence.

"My sweet Darcy Kay" -Dad

My dad is my knight in shining armor and a life without him, would be worthless.

"My Knight in Shining Armor."

Now my mom is like, Wonder Woman. She does not contain a caged wall, for she welcomes even the deadliest of strangers with arms wide open. For me, my mom is all the colors in the world, and without her life would be boringly dull. She brightens up my day as the sun brightens the sky. I believe God created my mother to be my guardian angel, an angel who guides me towards the future and who loves me regardless.

"No one will ever hurt you."- Mom

She’s like a lioness, beautiful, deadly, and strong. Have you ever wondered why cubs cling to their mothers? It is because they know their mother will protect them with everything she has. The wrath of the lioness, the wrath of a mom, is a wrath even God cannot control. She will always protect me. "No one will ever hurt you," she promises.

She's like a lioness; beautiful and deadly.

I believe they both were seriously made for each other. My mother is the only person I have ever seen tear down my dad’s wall so easily and my dad is the only person who can console my mother, even when she's in the most pernicious of moods. They really do complete each other because I cannot imagine one without the other, just as I cannot imagine light without darkness. They both love each other endlessly, but the love they have for their children could raise the world to its highest peak of salvation or tear it down in the destruction of a glorious fire. They are two sides of the same coin, and the love I have for my parents is endless and life without them wouldn’t be unbearable, it would be unimaginable.

"You're stuck with me!"

Sincerely theirs, Darcy Kay Ramirez

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