Don't turn the lights off By: nataly perez

Growing up, my parents had their ways of making my siblings and I behave. They wouldn't like hitting any of us so they would just scare us by turning the lights off and saying that she was going to pull us under the bed. They would also tell us that when the lights go off at night, the spirits are released and they were coming to get all the bad kids. We never knew who "she" was but I imagined a possessed little girl under our bed. For every disobedience that we made, they would tell us that at night she was going to get us for being disrespectful to them or being bad. I never knew who she was until my siblings asked my parents. My dad started telling us about the night that my grandparents were sleeping in their room, and they had a doll that was about 2 ft. tall right next to the bed on my grandmas side. They say she would move and cry at night. So my grandparents started saying to my cousins and I that the doll was possessed by a little girl. That was their way of scaring us and getting us to behave.


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