Skiing By: Henry


There was a fresh coat of snow on the ground, it was a perfect thirty degrees outside, and white fluffy flakes were falling down from heaven. “A perfect day to be outside,” I thought to myself. But I was stuck in math class at school making a dream house on a big piece of paper. My hand hurt from making lines with a ruler for so long and I couldn’t keep myself from looking outside at the fresh flakes of snow every two seconds. “I think these teachers are trying to torture us making us doing boring dream houses when it’s such a perfect day outside,” I thought angrily. When all of a sudden someone said “Henry.”

“Whaaaaaat,” I replied in a droopy voice. Then I looked up and saw my parents looking down at me with stern faces. “Oops” I apologized.

My Mom said, “Put your math stuff away and get your winter clothes on we’re going skiing!” Eli, Mom, Dad, and I thunked to the car in our winter clothes and boots and as we were walking,

my Dad announced, “We’re going to take you skiing today because you’ve been such good kids.”

“Awesome!” I yelled. “And how far exactly is this place away?” I questioned.

“About thirty minutes,” my Dad answered.

“Just kill me now,” I exaggerated.

The drive to Tyrol Basin to Eli and I felt like days all we could think or talk about is skiing and how fun it would be. When we finally arrived I kissed the ground and threw some snow in the air because I was so happy. My Dad asked, “Did you guys know that Tyrol Basin makes their own snow?”

“Cool!” Eli and I said amazed. I looked at the fake snow it felt and looked really soft, I couldn’t even tell the difference from fake snow and the the real snow. Before we went skiing we had to get fitted into into ski boots and skis. Luckily we had our own pair of ski boots and skis that fit me so I didn’t have to rent anything. The boots I got to wear were all black and the skis were black, white, and red with really cool designs on them. Eli and I had to take a lesson on how to ski. We fell down a couple of times in the beginning but got the hang of how to stop, turn, and slow down pretty quickly.

I went skiing with my Mom first, she was really scared on the chair lift but I wasn’t. I was scared of getting off the ski lift though. Mom and I went on a green hill together for my first time since it was the easiest. I was really scared that I would wipeout and hurt myself. When I looked down the hill I saw that the hill had a lot of sharp turns and little drops. I started on the hill, I went down slow and since I kept stopping I spurted up a lot of snow into the air. As I was going I figured out that going swerving side to side was more efficient than stopping every couple of seconds.

Mom said, “You're doing great honey.” And as she said that I wiped out. I was impressed with myself when I made it to the bottom of the hill without failing to often and totally hurting myself.

I asked my Mom, “Can we go on a hill with Dad and Eli now?”

“Sure, if you're ready,” she agreed. We meet up with Dad and Eli and I asked “Could we go on the halfpipe?”

“Whatever you and Eli want to do,” my Mom responded.

“Well we want to go on the halfpipe,” Eli and I answered.

“Well than it’s settled,” Mom pronounced. On the halfpipe we just swerved through since we weren’t good enough to drop down into it. Our Dad on the other hand thought he was good enough so he dropped down into the halfpipe but ended face planting and when he got up his glasses were full of snow! We all laughed at him and I almost started crying because it was so funny. “I guess Dad wasn’t good enough, he he he,” I thought

My parents asked, “Are you guys ready for a harder hill?”

We said excitedly “oh yeah!” The hill we were going on was a blue which meant it was a little harder than green. The hill had a big drop that went into two pathways. One leading to the halfpipe and the other leading to a steeper hill. At the bottom of both tracks was a terrain park. The first time I went on the halfpipe track because it was easier but, I still fell a couple of times on the big drop in the start. The second time I went on the halfpipe track I went down really fast but hurt my leg on a big wipeout on a jump. The third time I went I thought “Third time's a charm.” I went down fast and I even landed a small jump but wiped out big at the end.

I knew that I had to beat this hill so I went down, I was swerving fast and furious dodging every person in my way and then a stampede of people cut me off I barely recovered but I made it to the bottom without falling. “YES!” I yelled in my brain. My Dad had saw what I did I said, “Henry you're getting really good.” I went on the steeper hill since I conquered the half pipe track. I went down and found out that if I went down slow it was really easy. So I kept going on until I could go down fast and then when I did I would go on a small jump after.

“Mom could we go inside I’m frozen,” I ask.

“Sure if you're too cold,” she replied. When we got inside, we went to get some food because we were all hungry. I had some delicious cheese curds, chicken tenders, and a pepsi. I was stuffed with cheesy goodness, warm breaded chicken tenders, and a cold refreshing pepsi.

My Dad exclaimed, “Mom and I are really proud of you for doing so well on your first time skiing and never giving up even though you fell down.” I figured out that walking in ski boots is really hard, especially on stairs. My Dad said firmly, “You have to be really careful on stairs with ski boots or you could hurt yourselfs.”

When we all we’re done eating, we took off our ski gear and headed for the car. “Aren’t you forgetting something Eli and Henry?” Dad asked.

“No,” we replied. “O wait, thank you Mom and Dad,” we answered. In the car I thought about how I couldn't wait to tell my friends and Isaac what I had did, they would be really impressed.

What I wish I could do when I go skiing

What I really do when I go skiing

This was my first time skiing with my parents and Eli at Tyrol Basin

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