Walmart has had many different logos throughout the years. Walmart started in 1962 and had a very simple logo. They started out so simple because this was the only printer available to their printers.

In 1964, they decided to change to a fancier font and a hyphen was added. In 1981, Walmart changed from a black and fancy font, to a bold and brown font. In 1992, they changed the hyphen to a star and changed from blue to brown.

In 1992, they changed the hyphen to a star and changed from blue to brown.

In 2008, Walmart changed from all caps to lower-case letters as well. They also got rid of the hyphen, and added a "starburst" at the end of the logo. This was a symbol of a refreshing new start and a friendly environment. Walmart changed the logo so that people would think that they were a friendly store that had the consumers best interest at heart.

In my opinion the current Walmart logo is the most effective because it promotes a consumer friendly environment, and it is simple but still catches your attention.

Pepsi- Cola

Pepsi- Cola's logo has drastically changed over the past 120 years. The company started in 1898, and its logo said "Pepsi- Cola" in thin cursive. This was very complex and was not recognizable by the consumer.

In 1906, the logo thickened so that it was easier to read, and above the "Pepsi- Cola" was "Drink." This helped people to know what type of company Pepsi- Cola was and it helped the consumer to recognize the company.

After World War 2, the CEO had the idea to do a bottle cap, and to have Pepsi- Cola written on it. Since it was right after the war, Pepsi brought out the patriotic red, white, and blue colors to promote patriotism along with Pepsi.

In 1973, Pepsi came up with a more "boxed-in" theme. They also started only saying "Pepsi" instead of "Pepsi- Cola." This made the logo simpler and more modern.

In 1998 Pepsi changed their logo so that it was a blue box and they put Pepsi on top of the ball instead of inside of it. This gave the logo a more unique look.

In 2008, the Pepsi logo changed once again. To create a more modern and simple look, they put Pepsi next to the ball in lower cap letters. This promotes freshness and draws people in because of its impression of refreshment.

The most effective Pepsi logo is the current one because it promotes freshness. It is also very modern and draws people in because of its simplicity.


Starbucks opened in 1971 and its logo has not changed a lot since then. This logo was meant to be a siren, or a two tailed mermaid, with the Starbucks logo around it.

In 1987, Starbucks decided to change their logo. Still keeping the two- tailed mermaid, they made this logo a dark forest green. They also simplified the logo to just say "Coffee" instead of "Freshly Roasted Coffee." They also changed the bullets between the words to stars. Starbucks made this change to make the company seem more contemporary, and not as old fashioned.

In 1992, Starbucks made yet another change to their logo. Keeping the same circular design, they made he color more of a solid forest green, and decided to only show the head and part of the two- tailed mermaids head.

In 2011, Starbucks made one final change to their logo. The logo now does not even read "Starbucks" for the company believes that they are well known enough that they do not need to say Starbucks on the actual logo. They also made the green a little lighter.

I believe that the 1992 logo is the memorable and effective because it actually says the companies name. Even though Starbucks is a well known company, I believe that having the name on the logo is more efficient for getting the consumer to recognize the company.


Apple started in 1976 with an old fashioned logo. It was black and white and very complex.

Less than a year into the opening of Apple, Steve Jobs hired someone to create an entirely new logo. This logo was said to be more modern and recognizable. The bite in the apple is so that people would not think it was a tomato. The colorful design was designed by Steve Jobs and the colors have no apparent order. It was designed to humanize the company. The green at the top is there because "that is where the leaf is."

In 1998 the Apple logo was changed again because Steve Jobs wanted, "To change things up." He decided that a rainbow logo would be childish and that a black logo would be classic and modern.

In my opinion the current Apple logo is the most efficient because it is recognizable and is flexible when it comes to new products.


The Nike logo is considered one of he most popular logos. When Nike first began, the "Nike" was in the swoosh and looked like it was penciled in.

In 1978, Nike changed to a black swoosh and a bold font. This made the brand more recognizable so that people knew about the company.

The current Nike logo is a single black swoosh. This is very classic and Nike changed the logo because people recognize the logo just by the swoosh. It is also very modern and it is very simple.

The most efficient Nike logo is the current one because it is very simple and modern and it is easy to put on clothes and shoes.


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