Louis Armstrong By:Zoe Larson

Louis Armstrong was a vey influencing man from the 1920s. Louis was a jazz singer, trumpet player, and a very dedicated person. Armstrong never gave up on his music. He influenced musicians all over with his daring trumpet style and his amazing vocals. He was known as the "The founding father of Jazz." Even though he wasn't the most known when he was younger, he sure became known when he followed his jazz career and played that trumpet.

Louis Armstrong was born in a poor section of New Orleans known as "The Batllefield" on August 4, 1901. Armstrong had troubles with his family and money. By the 5th grade, he dropped out to help his family and relatives. After this, he started is going on the streets, selling newspapers, and even delivering coal. It wasn't much, but it was enough to help Armstrong and his family sustain a better lifestyle which led up to his trumpet playing and his Jazz career.

Later in the years of his Jazz, he became known as the most famous Jazz player of the 1920s. In addition to his hundreds of recordings, he is known as a lovable and funny character in Hollywood films and television shows. Armstrong's most famous songs were "What A Wonderful World" and "Hello Dolly." Armstrong became an international star with his music, songs, movies, and commitment.

In the early 1930s, Armstrong had a big band that helped him get to fame. But when the band broke up in 1947, he formed a sextet(A group of six people playing music or singing together) called the Louis Armstrong All-Stars that made it possible for him to travel the world. He became a strong Jazz leader and continued to be until the death of Armstrong on July 6th, 1971. Even though it has been over 40 years, he still continues to inspire many singers, actors, and musicians today.

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