Games With A Purpose By:Benjamin Van Vliet

What are Games With a Purpose?

Games with a purpose are video games that serve some purpose for the people setting up the game by harnessing human abilities in an entertaining setting.

How are games with a purpose being used?

Games are being used to achieve real life goals and tasks.These efforts are often directed towards self-improvement, encouraging positive lifestyle changes, and increasing motivation to complete work objectives.

This game is to keep you up do date on responsibilities and or daily chores. Then once you have done your chores/responsibility's you gain points. These points can be used to buy things in the game and then you can go fight monsters with other people. The target audience for this game would be every one but only people who have origination issues

Another Example of people using games to solve tasks and do thing is solitaire. If you were to play lots of solitaire on the computer or i pad or anything else you would probably at become better at it.

The targeted audience for this game can range from anywhere to 10-100


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