Bats By:paige sitterly

What animal can eat half it's weight, uses echolocation to see, and lives in large groups? It's the bat of course. Let's find out about their amazing species, their unusual diet and their habitat that goes over the globe. All this information is just a swipe away!


Most bats eat the same thing, but not all of them. For example, most bats eat insects like the little brown bat that can eat up to 1,200 insects in one hour and some other bats can eat 3,000 mosquitoes in one night! Even though it seems that they eat different insects, other bats crave for other things. Such as, fruit bats eat fruit, flowers, nectar, and pollen. Even some bats eat lizards, birds, rodents, and other bats! Baby's drink their moms milk and other bats drink blood from cattle. Bats have different and the same taste when it comes to food and drinks

Bats eating watermelon


Bats have many different homes. Although, they don't go to places that are to hot or to cold because it can harm their bodies. Their house has to be big enough to hold all the bats, houses like mines, caves, under bridges, trees, buildings, termite nests, and attics. Most of their homes are in tropical and subtropical areas. All their unique homes helps them to survive.

Bats sleeping in a cave


There are many interesting bat species. For example, the kitti's hog-nosed bat weighs less than a penny! Another bat specie that is weird is the the western mastiff bat, there wingspan is over 22 inches! There are other bat species, such as vampire bats, disk-winged bat, Mexican free-tailed bat, and the tiny bumblebee bats. There are more bats species in the world, and there are 1,000 bats in amazing different sizes. These are some fantastic different bat species.

Tiny bumblebee bat

These fascinating animals survive with their strange food groups, amazing homes, and different breeds. Let's hope that these weird but delightful animals stay with us for a long time. After all, they help us by limiting the number of pesky mosquitoes in our world.

Thanks for reading!


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