Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Alyssa Harris

Nature on Display

This panoramic picture exhibits nature on display because it shows clouds, water, trees, and other aspects of nature on display. This shows the home and shelter for many animals and plants. I enjoyed this exhibit because it was beautiful and when I was in it I felt fully immursed in nature. I also walked into this exhibit feeling as though I was walking outside.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold has strong beliefs that in order to conserve the land we live in, we need to respect it and view ourselves as members of the land rather than conquerers. This section of the exhibit shows a man holding a marine animal. This interaction shows the man as more of a conquerer than a community member. He is taking the animal for unethical purposes such as using it for food or other purposes.

Nature and the Human Spirit

These two photos of the underwater depict Nature and the Human Spirit. The underwater world is very majestic and mysterious because some of the underwater world is so far deep that we can not see or know what is there. The blue lighting in this exhibit and large marine animals are beneficial to the underwater experience. The coral and seaweed helps us understand some of the majesty that lies in the beautiful underwater world.


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