A picture is worth a thousand words Digital Photography

I am Jordan Tremblay and I am a senior. This is my first time in Digital Photography, and here are my photos so far!

This is my first photo from the bagged objects. I used balance but i wish i used more techniques, and i edited it on Photoshop to get a better size and contrast
3 Views: Runoff, Leading lines, Rule of Thirds,
Hidden Letters
Daguerreotype, The hands on tintype technique is more merit because it is a longer more challenging piece. I like the outcome a lot.
The out come is better than expected. I like the way the bottom is darker.
Kaleidoscope Project
In the images above their were different time periods of the day. The first photo was taken early in the morning and the second photo was taken at noon time and the last was before the sunset. The different times and forms of light was purposeful because to me it set different moods. It also depending what you are trying to capture can have an affect on how your picture comes out. I preferred the time period before the sunset to take pictures because the natural saturation in the picture was beautiful to me and it made the lighting seem more calming. I had a challenge as far as locations because i only went to one place over vacation with an area with things worth capturing. It was a field were i was four wheeling. I need more practice with positioning and using lighting to make the image more compelling. I made changes to the second and last pictures to make the light situation slightly more saturated to show the color and beauty that you couldn't entirely see in the picture already. I chose these subjects because either they were pretty and there or as for the last photo seemed interesting to capture. It was an image to myself, that captured how beautiful and good of a day i had.
Forced Perspective

1. The process of working with others to to construct this photograph included good communication. 2. Composition played a big role because it had to be perfect in order to achieve the forced perspective goal. 3. We chose this idea because it was interesting and it was better than our original idea. 4. We could've improved the form of the image by raising the camera so it was above my hand to enhance the perspective.

Final Portrait

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