Westward Expansion

Settlers moved west because of homesteading. Homesteading is if you farm land for four years it will become your land.

Daily life was different on any of the trails because it was rugged terrain and people didn't have the comfort of home. Also they were risking a lot because all the diseases that were going around.

The Natives and settlers got a long for a while and the Natives told settlers paths to take. Some Natives even traded with settlers. All that ended when the settlers took over Native land and the Natives got very angry.

There were some good reasons to traveling west like to homestead, to hunt, or even to get away from people that did not like their religion. Some people went because of the California Gold Rush.

There was a couple problems with the trail like when people would freeze to death, get a sickness, or their wagon axle will break. Some people would bring boards to fix their wagons axel if it broke.

A interesting fact is that Native Americans sometimes traded their accessories for settlers accessories.


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