Properties Of Water BY: Joey Randazzo, MIkey Gamble

The four main properties of water are polarity, surface tension/cohesion and adhesion. Polarity is the intermolecular forces between the slightly positively charged end of one molecule to the negative end of another or the same molecule. Surface tension is the cohesive forces between liquid molecules. Cohesion is what makes the drops of water bubble over the penny. Adhesion is when the water molecules are attracted to other substances. These water properties are significant to living things because we would die without them.

Cohesion and surface tension are like the same thing.
This is an example of polarity. which is proven in the definition of polarity above.
This is an example of surface tension because the cohesive force of the liquid molecules is making the paper clip balance, if someone interrupted the cohesive property of the liquid molecules then the paperclip would sink.
This is an example of adhesion because the water molecules are sticking to the leaf and not bursting which shows the properties of adhesion.

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