The Hockey fight By Adam Connell

I remember it was late in November 2015, I would have to go to Brown University for a hockey game. If we won or tied we would knock the Providence Bears out of the playoffs. When driving there it was around noon, to pass the time I would listen to music on my phone. When getting onto the ice I wasn’t nervous at all, this is because we were in the playoffs and we would not be taken out since the other team needed two points to stay in. I walked into the rink trying to get my mind on the game, when walking onto the ice my intention was to win. The game was quite even, we were tied for almost the whole game. With 15 seconds left being in a 2-2 game, the other team got a breakaway which would decide the rest of the season for them. The player coming down tried to get past me but when he shot I saved it, giving him some rage because he didn’t score. He decided to hit me with his hockey stick just as the game ending horn sounded which provoked a fight. One by one, almost all the players from each bench started to come off to fight each other. The fight was looked pretty bad from my angle lying on the ice watching the the fight. Just watching I realized that they stood up for me because of the play, After many punches were thrown, I realized I was down on the ground watching what was happening, wondering when it would stop. The referees tried to stop everything from happening but it took a little because about 10 people from each team was fighting. Making the problem even worse, the coaches were yelling at the refs when they were doing what they were told to do. This fight reached the extent to where both team´s head coaches were yelling and getting on the ice to help stop the fight. The fight was finally stopped and both teams were not able to shake hands at the end of the game because of the fear of the fight breaking out again except almost the whole team. Walking into the locker room words were exchanged that were considered chirps at our skill to play the game even though we were in 1st place and they were in 7th. When in the locker room the coach told us “To not retaliate” in stern tone because we wouldn’t want this to happen again. He also yelled that “ half of our team will not be able to play because you guys are suspended so don’t show up.” Everyone was getting our gear off in silence we leave the building hoping we will still be able to win against the 2nd place team which we would face the next day. When in the car, I felt the pain of the slash giving me a badly bruised chest, hurting badly when I breathed, lied down, or even walked. What happened was crazy and I don’t think I will forget it but I will also remember that my team did it because someone hurt me on purpose making them fight the team and try to hurt them as they hurt me. In other words, my team helped me when I was down and stood up for me because I got hit.

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