My Bill By:Kyle Simoes

My Bill is every child should be assigned a pet when they get to the age of 13.
The first step to become a law is to get a member of the congress to propose your law to the House of Representatives or the senate. A member of the house or senate than has to draft a bill. They submit the bill to the house or senate. The bill is assigned a number beggening with H.R (house of representatives) or S. (Senate). Then the bill is sent to the appropriate committee. The person who proposes the bill is the bills sponsor.
Step 2-A standing committee reviews the bill and is one of three things. 1. sends the bill to the floor of the house or senate for a vote. 2. Makes changes to the bill and sends it to the house or senate for a vote. 3. Tables the bill in other words they can do nothing this usually means the bill is dead or that it doesn't survive committee.
Step 3- if the committee sends it back with no changes, then the bill goes on to the houses calendar to be voted on when that day comes the bill is voted on and is over half of the representatives (218 of. 435) vote yes it passes.
Step 4- Is the bill is passed by the house, it moves to the other branch of Congress the Senate. The bill goes to a Senate committee which studies the bill and then it is voted on by the senators just as in the house is over half the representatives (51 of 100)vote yes, it passes the bill.
Step 5- If the House and Senate vote to approve the bill the bill goes to the president.If he signs it the bill comes a law.

By Kyle Simoes


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