"It all began in a garden" Gardens I have visited

The Bibler Gardens, Kalispell MT

The Bibler Gardens are a private property which is only open to the public for tours once a year as a fund raiser for the Flathead Valley Community College. I kept an eye out for when a planned trip to Meadow Lake Resort would coincide with one of these opportunities. Finally, it happened. Rob was going to join me but when I sourced out tickets, I actually got the last remaining one - so he missed out. That speaks to how popular this event is, it sold out in a day

What an inviting place to take a stroll, it says to me, slow down, take your time, breathe deeply - be at peace.

Walk with me for awhile.

Sit and enjoy the bird's songs, the hum of the bees and let the shade cool you from the heat of the day.

The lilies were at their finest
There was more to enjoy in the garden than the beautiful flowers
Water and gardens go hand in hand.
So many shades of yellow and orange
So much to see and enjoy.

An open door... how inviting.

Another path - another stroll

Put on a happy face.

The historic Bibler home was also open to visitors during my visit but the gardens consumed most of my time. Any wonder why?

Probably my favourite shot of the day.
Knowing what it takes to keep my small garden in order I can't help but marvel and wonder how many man hours are required to keep these lovely gardens in such fine condition.

Thank you for joining me on my stroll through the Bibler Garden.


All photos by C. J. Bennington Fine Art Photography