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Blog Day 1

Gun Control

Today i'm going to write about gun control today. At the end of the day guess what we live in America the greatest country in the whole world. I am able to do many things that I couldn't if I lived anywhere else. If I want to own a gun once I am an adult I can do that. the main issue people have with that is shootings. I won't give you facts this is my opinion and that is I would love to own an AR-15 and have tons of ammo for it and wake up in the morning and do some target practice. I can't do that though, I live in a shotgun/ handgun only area and that sucks but in reality that is a good idea the houses are pretty close and a rifle could be dangerous. I think guns should be restricted but allowed. all the really big stuff like a 50 round clip should stay in gun ranges. but I should be able to own what ever gun I want. if I live in an area that bans a certain kind of gun I need to go somewhere where that it is ok to shoot that gun. So my opinion is I want to be able to own what I want but you can restrict how and where I use it.

Blog Day 2


I myself am a dog person, I have a golden lab greyhound mix and she is the cutest dog in the world. When I retire I want to buy a farm out in oregon and go to shelters saving old dogs no one will adopt. That sounds like a good time to me just sitting around watching netflix with a bunch of dogs. I got my dog hazel from ruff start. She was in a prison program where prisoners raise dogs then she went into an abusive home. We got her November 2015 and she can't stand to be away from us for more than a hour. Dogs are much better than cats and i will prove it with some facts. I also have a cat named nala people go downstairs often so the door is open for her to go down there too. she has peed in three beds pooped on two pillows and she has bitten me when i was only petting her. Hazel on the other hand has never gone to the bathroom in my house and she knows when im sad and comes and lays with me. in conclusion dogs are way better

Blog Day 3


I am a great test taker, I can retain information for a awhile then put it on a test and get a good Score on it. However I can't write an essay to save my life. Everyone is going on about how some kids can't thrive under test but if they were to give a presentation they would do great. WHat about the people who thrive under tests. if you make me explain my thinking i will lose a lot of points and not do as well. what could possibly be an answer to this puzzling question. simple give the student a choice if they wants to do a test or some other form to show they know the material. Now it may not be as easy for teachers to grade but if it means pushing kids on to better and greater thing to make the world better it is worth it.

Blog Day 4


Youtube used to be a place where everyone had an equal chance to gain subs and be successful. now with youtube changing the algorithm in a way that rewards creators that post long videos daily. Which is scary considering that it could ruin the channels or people who don't because they won't be able to live off of youtube anymore (Which is the large majority). Youtube is becoming T.V. which isn't good because that is what they are replacing. In the end this could kill youtube. So if you are interested in stocks buy some in Netflix because they are only going up.

Blog Day 5


Memes are pretty much inside jokes with the internet. in the meme community a concurrent theme with owners of large meme pages is depression/ suicide. a little dark but ya know it's there. It is hard to talk about memes in a school appropriate setting because some of them can be a little out there. the life of a meme starts with a few people taking a thing and making jokes with it. Recently they used the bee movie as one and the would have day long youtube videos where they would add add something mostly we are number one from lazy town or biggie cheese from back at the barnyard everytime a bee was shown.

A screenshot i took from youtube

So it's just really stupid stuff that is kinda funny. Then everyone starts to meme it and it stops getting funny to the people in the center of the meme community. Then it slowly goes through the diffrent layers of meme lovers. it ends with little kids but they don't know when a meme is dead so they keep using it and it makes the original community even more done with it then they hate the meme. Harambe was memed pretty hard and is now extremely hated in the meme community. i am pretty up to date with my memes and even though i'm not in the center of it i'm pretty close. so i get real annoyed when i see people dabbing and referencing harambe

Blog Day 6

Xbox One VS. PS4

there are a lot of reasons why xbox is better than the ps4 i will give you a few today. An argument ps4 users say is they have better graphics. This is false in reality pc, xbox, and ps4 all have pretty much the same look to them at least i don't see a diffrence. they say they have better games. that is stupid you have call of duty and xbox has battle feild 1. much better game. if you had a ps3 you probably should get a ps4. if you had an xbox 360 you probably should get an xbox one

Blog Day 7


I belive that we shouldn't censor tv and movies. They are just words like honestly what is the big deal. You can still have it rated but you don't have to worry about not being able to go into a movie.

Blog Day 8


One of my favorite things to do is sleep, and even better when I have a good dream. I taught myself how to lucid dream. It is a weird experience being able to do anything and everything you want. I spend so much time wish i could go do something fun and now it's possible all i need to do is sleep. Even when i don't lucid dream my dreams are now extremely vivid and sometimes i have three different dreams in one night. All you need to do to have better dreams is get extra sleep and write them down. I started writing down my dreams mid june and stopped when school started. But recently i have been taking naps from around 4-8 then waking up eating dinner then going back to bed around 10:30. doing that gets most of my sleep out of the way and i can get into rem sleep quickly.

read my dream below

for example one dream i had i was going on a mission trip but i forgot to pack my bags so i decided to run out of the van and into a parking garage that my house was on top of. now in there were green jello people with fedoras on and they were running at me so i slapped them and they got knocked out. i ran up the stairs into a house that was on top of the garage. the entire house was just my room. i packed a bag quick and ran out it looked like i was in a city and it was all on fire there was a helicopter in the air by the parking garage with a yellow rope ladder hanging out that i jumped on and flew away from the city. then my dream started over and something to weird to explain happened. it started over again and i went grocery shopping with Mr. Peschman and some other people.

Blog Day 9

Marvel VS. DC

I'm in the middle i like both i think both are good and have their strength and weaknesses. Most of my experience with these two is in the cinematic universe so that is what i will talk about today. Marvel has been putting out more content so right now they are my favorite. but i like the darker more serious movies that DC makes. With batman vs superman and suicide squad they got bad reviews because it wasn't the more light and upbeat style of movie that marvel likes to make. if you haven't seen any marvel movies im sure you would like DC.

Blog Day 10


I really can't think of a story today... so the Russain ambassador got shot and the guy that shot him kinda looks robbie rotten from Lazy Town. that got memed pretty hard. so ya that happened. people in high school suck but that's nothing new. that's about pretty much all i'm going to write today.

the sag man

Last blog :))))))))


Chirstmas is a time of year that i get the pleasure off seeing my passive agressive family. but i feel like thats the same for everyone. i just asked for gas money this year. what did you guys ask for?


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