Double Victory By yin he and winnie li

African Americans struggle for freedom and racial equality.
Women struggle for jobs and equality.

Similarities between African Americans and women

  • African Americans and American women both participated in the Armed Forces.
  • The Army Air Force also established several African American fighter; Approximately 150,000 American women served in the Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II.
  • In all positions and ranks, they served with as much honor, distinction, and courage as any American soldier did.
  • Neither of them were allowed to the same rights or opportunities as others.

Difference between African Americans and Women

  • Most women worked in tedious and poorly paid jobs in order to free men to take better paying jobs or to join service.
  • Women worked double-shift.
  • American women volunteered to join the Armed Forces, they worked as everything from clerk to airplane mechanic. While most African Americans serving at the beginning of WWII were assigned to non-combat units and relegated to service duties, such as supply, maintenance, and transportation.

African American Slogan

We are part of the nation.

Women Slogan

Women can work better than men.

How were they treated?

African American

  • African Americans cannot participate in the armed force. They were racially discriminated against just because they were a different race.


  • Women were only allowed non-combat jobs in the military. They were not treated well in the workplace and out.

How did they respond to such treatment?

African American

  • African Americans proved time and again their courage, worthiness and ability to handle weapons of war in situations on land, at sea, or in the air.


  • Women joined the nurse corps and the armed forces so that more men could be sent into combat.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war(WWII)?

African American

Over 2.5 million black men registered for the draft and one million served as draftees or volunteers in all of the branches of the Armed Forces during conflict.


During World War II, some 350,000 women served in the U.S. Armed Forces

What is your analysis?Opinion? Reaction to the actions taken by each community?

African American

  • Even though African Americans face racial oppression in the United States, they still support the nation and joined the armed force. They eventually overcame that adversity and showed they could handle just as much as anyone else.


Women's gender role has changed during WWII, they could also work as much as men does. Although they were not treated the same in their workplace, they eventually proved that they were fully capable of working the same or similar jobs as men to fight for their equal rights.

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