America is... Marshawn epting

America a pair of yeezys to me. In life everyone is always going after the next biggest thing or chasing trends. The reason I though of a pair of yeezys is because when a lot of people think of shoes they'll probably think of these. They are seen as one of the highest costed shoes ever. They are really the sign that you have money . Which is the point i'm trying to show , there are people who buy things that can and are completely over price but people get these things because it makes them look rich.

If we go backing time to the 1920s during the time where everyone was basically millionaire.

The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change. For the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The nation’s total wealth more than doubled between 1920 and 1929, and this economic growth swept many Americans into an affluent but unfamiliar “consumer society.” People from all over the country where moving to this huge cities to try they're luck at shock markets. The History Channel said "many Americans were uncomfortable with this new, urban, sometimes racy “mass culture”; in fact, for many–even most–people in the United States, the 1920s brought more conflict than celebration."
The 1960s was an a ear in which people where buy these new products like the TV, ATM,and computer mouses.The History Channel did a report on the 1960s and said "many Americans believed they were standing at the dawn of a golden age. On January 20, 1961, the handsome and charismatic John F. Kennedy became president of the United States."

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