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Week 1

the one with my shoes in the grass is my natural lighting one. I didn't know what to photograph. But I sow the flowers and I thought they looked really nice and so I just wanted to try something out and mess with the environment. So I first took pictures of my shoes the camera just facing down. And it looked nice but I thought it was too simple. So I took it from a different position/angle, and you can see by my foot that it looks like i'm walking but i really just couldn't keep my balance so my foot is slightly raised lol. After I printed it and was looking at it I thought about the background of the photo and how it makes me feel. I was thinking that sometimes growing up can be very hard, you gain responsibilities, you mature, and you learn more about yourself. And sometimes you might go through fazes or certain difficult or happy times in your life that impact you dramatically. The flowers in the photo are your character traits, memories, and fazes you have forgotten or want to leave behind, I portray your heart that lets you move on. The second picture is one i took of my friend. It's a portrait. We were in lunch and she asked me to take a picture and then I began messing around with the portrait mode on my phone and it took some pretty cool shots, and then i was editing it by putting filters and messing around with the contrast, saturation, levels, and brightness, also its highlights, i put more emphasize on her pink highlights. The third picture is of me and my friend, Daniella. This is the unique expression. We were outside during recess. And we just began goofing around and having fun. And I really wanted to capture the moment since we were both feeling a bit more confident and goofy than usual and so i took this picture and i think it represents and shows our friendship and personality.

Week 2

This is my story. I was in my room after eating some Culver's my mom got me and I was in a goofy mood. So I decided to face time my friend and while i was setting up my phone I began recording and i tripped on my foot and fell back. While my phone was taking pictures it caught these beauties and I honestly didn't know that my phone took pictures and so while i was looking back at my phone i saw the pictures and decided to use them for this week. The emotion I tried to portray is surprised. Because when i fell it took me by surprised and you can see by my face.

Week 3

This is my model Isabella. The feeling I wanted to capture is happiness. The photo is mostly based on me and Isabella's friendship, we are always laughing and having fun. I wanted to capture that. I think we both have very fun times around each other, and we both get our sense pf humor really well it's kind of scry. But I just wanted to show how happy our friendship and Isabella makes me.

Week 4

This is my picture for week 4. It's a photo of one of my closets friends Isabella. Me and Isabella were out in the courtyard and we just began shooting. I told her to stand behind the trees and then i took the picture. It's kind of mysterious and it looks like she's lost, which is what I wanted. I feel like the trees add more to the photo and it makes it look more better.

Week 5 - Final

My issue is going to be immigration. In my photo I hope to show the idea that immigrants are people with feelings. I feel like a lot of people have this label that immigrants are "aliens". I want to show that immigrants have feelings and they have dreams. I plan on using my family in the photo. I want to catch them in their home and happy place. I want to take a photo of them eating dinner or doing very small things like brushing their teeth, cooking dinner, walking, gardening. Basically them doing something they love or something small to show that they are human and have dreams and feelings.

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