Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By John Ramos

Nature on Display

Photos from Butterfly Rainforest

The design of this exhibit was appealing because it was a huge greenhouse with tons of green and sights to see. It captured my attention with all of the bright colors and surprises such as the coy fish and birds in addition to the butterflies. I learned about how different species of butterfly can coexist together and something that I found interesting was how the Blue Morpho butterflies all gathered around the fruit slices but the others did not. I found it enjoyable to be in an environment which closely resembled a rainforest with the waterfall and the canopy.

Nature and Ethics

Photos from FLMNH

The FLMNH museum gave me the opportunity to really experience nature for what it is. The butterfly museum was really eye opening to the beauty of the rainforest, while the sea exhibit showed me how awe-inspiring the sea can be. The rainforests are being cut down all around the world and the sea is often used for fishing and economic gain so it was nice to admire nature as Leopold recommends. I felt closer to nature and noticed that other people were also awestruck at the various nature exhibits. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by letting them get up close and personal with many real live butterflies. This museum gave me a deeper appreciation for nature and instilled in me an ethical responsibility to protect it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photos from FLMNH

The Florida Museum of Natural History allows us to see things that many of us do not see on a regular basis. It is not often that one comes into contact with so many butterflies or exhibits showing how different cultures used to live. It allows us to better understand and appreciate our world by giving us a hands on experience instead of just looking at things through a screen. Visitors are able to look at various specimens of interest through provided microscopes. The museum shows us the majesty of nature through well crafted and engaging exhibits as well as fascinating and large exhibits such as the fossils.

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