How does being vegan for 2 weeks affect my body?

So what did happen to my body?

Let's start out with how I felt. I felt very irritable and crabby. At night, I would be very tired, but I wouldn't be able to fall asleep because I was so hungry. My skin did clear up but only because I'm lactose intolerant. Although I am lactose intolerant, I still have dairy on a regular basis so I have little bumps all over my body.

Cruelty in egg farms

The cruelty in egg farms is terrible. They are put in tiny wire cages with about 11 chickens in each cage. All of the chickens in the egg farm are in there for their whole lives, and when their egg count goes low, they boil them alive. With the male chicks that are born from the eggs, they are either suffocated in trash bags and thrown away, or ground up into little pieces. The female chicks get their beaks cut off with a hot surated knife. Some chickens die in their cages and left to rot. It's terrible, I will never have eggs again unless I know who farmed the eggs.

Cruelty in pig farms

This is so sad. They chain the mom pigs to the cage while they are laying down. They never get up, not even during birth. The piglets feed on their mom in that little cage until they grow big enough to either be killed, to be mom pigs, or to be the breeder pig. Most of these pigs never see sunlight. Pigs are 3 times smarter than dogs and this is what we do to them. I think that this is terrible.

Cruelty on dairy farms

Cows are hooked to machines and left there to stand hours on end. They can never see their babies after they are born. The babies are either sold, kept to breed, or killed. They should never treat any animal like this. There was a story about a mom cow that had babies in the past but were taken away from her right after birth. But after one birth, she hid her baby. The owner later found the calf and he killed the mom and made the calf run away. A nice lady picked up the calf and raised him on her farm where he is happily running around and will never be treated badly.

Back to me

I didn't like being vegan that much. But that's only because my family loves meat. I feel like I would be fine being vegan if there were more options in restaurants and in grocery stores and stuff. Being vegan could actually save the planet. By 2050, all of the aniaml products could be gone. That means no more cows, pigs, chickens, or any other farm animals!! That's why I'm going to try and limit my animal products and make sure that all of the animal products that I get is cruelty free.

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