Titanic By. Cooper s. Wren

My name is Jeff, and I live in England. My mum was on the idiot box and saw a commercial about the titanic. She was all mouth and no trousers about going to America, and this just made her want to go even more! She finally got second class tickets got the titanic so she could finally follow her dreams and go to America so she can have new and better opportunities to a better life.

My mum was very cuffed that she had finally actually bought tickets to the titanic. She has been wanting to do this for so long. It has been a fortnight since she bought the tickets and we are leaving tomorrow morning.

We had woken up very early because we didn't get to finish backing last night. When we got there in the morning it was the most beautiful sight ever! The fuzz was directing everyone to their section then the gaffer were directing everyone to their cabin and then putting their luggage up for them. Then we finally got on the boat. "Mum this is knees up, I am so exited," I said with excitement.

"Me too Jeffery, I can already tell that moving to America is going to be very good for us," she said calmly.

"I am going to make new friends, meet new people, and try new things in America," I said.

"Right you are, Jeff," said Mum.

"Look Mum, that guy is waving us over there," I said.

"Oh yeah, Lets go," she said excitedly.

(I know its not the real one)

When we go over there, it was the person who was showing us to our room. Even though we were not staying in first class, our room was still nice an its not like we are living in it forever. We were lucky we were even in second class because the third class rooms were like a damp squid. When we were walking into our room I was so exited I conked my head on the door. We unpacked and then went onto the deck. The toffs were very well dressed and formal ans it made us kind of uncomfortable.

my favorite part about the titanic was the view. The view was tremendous! The beautiful sunset and the blue water came together like nothing else. but then my mom interrupted my thoughts. "Time for bed" she said, with a loud voice. I asked if i could go to bed a little later and we had a little chin wag about it, but then I realized I was never going to win the conversation, so I just gave up and went to bed.

It was the middle of the night, My Mum woke me up screaming. I was kind of mad that she woke me up like that during my beauty sleep so I tried to start an angry-barge with her until I realized that if she wouldn't have woke me up I would have been dead. She told me to get up and go up to the top deck. she was having a conversation with someone but I didn't want to earwig. She talked like she knew the onions about whatever this was. I could tell she was scared about telling me this but when she told me the ship was sinking I honked. At first I thought she was talking tosh because this us the unsinkable ship but then I heard people screaming and realized this is real. We ran with pace up to the deck and they had a spot on the lifeboat for us, so we got on and floated away. I was miffed that so many people lost their life that day. After about 5 minutes of being on the life boat, all the screaming turned to was dead silence.


(mum- mom), (Idiot box- television set), (all mouth and no trousers- talking up to do something but not doing it), (cuffed- happy), (for-night- midnight), (the fuzz- the police), (knees up- exited), (gaffer- employee or worker), (damp squid- something bad), (conked- hit to the head), (toff- first class people), (tremendous- something very good or bad), (chin wag- short conversation), (angry barge- an argument or heated conversation), (earwig- eavesdropper), (know ones onions- know all about someone or something), (honked- throw up), (tosh- nonsense), (with- quick), (miffed- sad or disappointed).


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