The Border Wall By Byron Crane

Some argue the wall is not worth the money and will only separate Americans and Mexicans even more than they are right now. Although some may argue against the wall, I believe it is totally necessary to help secure our border.

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump stated he was going to build a great wall to stop immigrants from entering the country
With Tucson only being 70 miles from the border, it is a big topic of discussion
The wall was originally built after the 9/11 attacks to further protect the security of the United States
It is essential that we build the wall further as we can not allow the wall to end abruptly, which would allow individuals from Mexico to cross freely without showing proper documentation.
To further President Trumps hope to secure the border, by hiring more individuals to patrol the border, we would be able to secure our border more fully and address many issues regarding this ever lasting problem

The government is simply low on people to patrol the area. Much of the resistance to join the force is due to the rural environment of much of the border.

Border Patrol in the rural desert of California
The Southern USA Border is split into 9 sector much of them have a large desert region/ terrain that is too tough to constantly patrol
By setting up remote cameras the Border Patrol would be able to monitor the border in these remote areas

By implementing all these features while Trump builds the wall, it will provide the feeling of safety to American as they know their country is safe and secure from potential danger.

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