A Long Way Gone Lucy Olmstead And Maddy Miller

Guinea and Liberia border Sierra Leone.

Diamonds are Sierra Leone's main natural resource.

For their government, Sierra Leone uses Unitary State, Presedential System, and the Constitutional Republic.

It has lots of beaches, with "forests" that consist of palm trees and others. It has a bordering Atlantic Ocean and rivers and streams.

This picture is a statue/monument containing information about RUF.

The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) was an army that fought a failed 11 year war because of their disagreement with the Sierra Leonean government.

Their goal is to overthrow the government of Sierra Leone.

The RUF started whenever they started to lead National Patriotic Front of Liberia Elements across the border.

Child soldiers were used to fight against each other on both the Sierra Leonean side and the RUF side. They used them for gun power and battles.

In Sudan, Central African Republic, and Democratic Republic of Congo, child soldiers are being used to fight in war. They are handed RPG's, AK47's, handguns, etc. to use in battle.

(There were not any specific pictures for each one that I could find, so I used this one as a general picture for all 3 countries.)

Three examples of organizations trying to help stop child soldiering are: Cultures of Resistance, UNICEF, and the United Nations.

The United Nations is working with 126 countries on rehabilitating child soldiers. They help them overcome drug addiction, PTSD, and other physically harming symptoms that they have had from their traumatic experiences.

Ishmael Beah is currently 36 years old. He is living in New York now. He wrote A Long Way Gone as a memoir or section of his life. And he went to Oberlin college.

Music had a huge impact and influence on Ishmael's life. It helped save his life while journeying through Sierra Leone before becoming a child soldier. And at the beginning it was a type of therapy and way to have fun for him and his friends.

It's about how exactly Ishmael Beah discovered rap music as a kid, which as we know later leads to helping him survive the war.


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