Child Marriage In Yemen article 16 of the declaration of human rights

Child marriage is a large problem all over the globe but is a particularly big problem in Yemen. Child marriage is a such a large problem in Yemen because the parliament of Yemen has voted for there not to be a age limit on marriage. They came to this decision because most of the population is Islamic and feel that putting a age ban on marriage goes against their religion.

"I was really in need of money and thought it was a solution for the family."

This quote is what a father who had sold of his daughter into marriage said about his actions.

The other reason why child marriage is such a problem is that Yemens people are in a lot of financial struggles along with the country. The parents of the children that are being married of are the ones that are selling their children into marriage. Most parents see this as a solution.

We don't see many child marriages in the United States but that doesn't mean that its not happening and affecting people. Child marriage has a huge impact on many young girls.

“He sexually assaulted me on the wedding night, forced me .”

These girls are affected physically and emotionally from these marriages. They can not get a education, forced to have kids, and raped daily by husband with large physical and emotional consequences.

Yemen is a country in the middle east. Yemen is has some economic struggles and lacks control over most of the country. since the country has basically no control over the people it is hard to enforce things. Even though child marriage is legal in Yemen it is illegal to have sex with someone that has not yet matured or hit puberty. This can't be enforced and they cant stop the marriages because they are legal.

”The Political situation in Yemen remains tenuous, and the government does not have control over many parts of its territory. In such a environment women and children are susceptible to abuse and exploitation.”


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