Middle East Physical Features JoAnn McCAmbridge

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

One of the only mountain ranges in the middle eastern Africa.They extend for more than 1,200 miles from the Morocco Port of Agadir.

The Dead Sea, Jordan

To the east , west bank of israel, The Dead Sea has a high salt content. Earth's lowest elevation (120 ft. below sea level.) Surface and shores are 430.5 meters , 1,412 below sea level or 997 ft deep.

Suez Canal

Separates Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. One of the most important water-ways. Connects Mediterranean Sea to the red sea. One of the Earth's busiest shipping lanes.

Petra, Jordan

Situated between Red sea and Dead sea. Half built into the rock half carved into the rock.Lies in a small desert valley completely surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs.

Old City Jerusalem, Israel

A holy city for Judaism,Christianity and Islam. 220 historic monuments found on the city.

Nile River, Egypt

World's largest river civilization in Egypt began here. Has a length of about 4,132 miles long.

Persian Gulf

Located between the Arabian Sean and the Arabian Peninsula and Southern Iran.Important trade route since ancient times and gained strategic significance and the discovery of oil in the gulf states in the 1930's.

Sinai Peninsula

East of Egypt located between Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Land bridge between two continents.Center of conflicts in the region.

Sea of Galilee

680 ft. below sea level it is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth vacation destination.

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