Warehouse Industrial Style Vintage Kitchen Designed for Family Home in Wimbledon Weekly Cabinet Making Progress Report

Kitchen Designs

Artichoke's 3D renders allow us to clearly illustrate form and colour to our client before the designs are signed off.

Cabinet Making

Our team's progress on the kitchen, starting with the tree!

Beautiful French oak boards have been hand selected for the kitchen. The oak has been sourced from a privately owned timber mill near Dijon.
These boards have a wonderful texture and importantly, a consistent grain pattern. We are making the kitchen from oak and then hand painting it. Oak has a wonderful grain, and hand painting over it with a specialist technique will allow the oak's grain to grin through the paint.
Dean putting together one of the kitchens many half lap dovetail drawers.
Half lapped dovetailed drawers for the kitchen island.
Close up of the half lap dovetail drawers.
John clamping part of the plinth for the kitchen island.
Raised and fielded island door.
Fridge door with louvred grill for air flow.

UPDATE: 18 October

The kitchen and island being assembled in our workshop by our Assembly Team.
Mark fitting the Gaggenau oven.
Darren fitting one of the top cabinets on the sink run.
Darren checking for level before the cornice is added.
The doors on the island. They have been designed specifically to look as if they have been cut from repurposed panelling. This will help give the island a vintage look.
The dark aged bronze pivot hinges. When fitted, the crosshead screws will be replaced with bronze slothead screws.
Note how the timber grain flows from the top frame into the door frame. It's all about detail!

UPDATE: 20 October

Main elevation with the cornice on.
Interior of island
The fridge carcasses.
Ovens in place.
Cork lined drawers below ovens.
Cork lined drawers with moulded sides.

Update: 24 October

The large island almost complete.
The drawers which sit below the moulded pewter top.
Craig and Darren (in Artichoke grey) have been responsible for assembling the kitchen and fitting the appliances. Will (blue shirt) is in the Production Engineering team which technically details each project once the designs are signed off.
What a handsome bunch. You can get 9 cabinet makers in the island! This is the full team involved with the making the kitchen.


Pewter for the worktop being machined in specialist metalworking workshops near Northampton.
The moulded edge beginning to take shape.
Moulded island top edges being assembled.


Inspecting the finished piece.
Close up of the moulded edge profile.
The kitchen's bench seat almost complete, ready for upholstery, finishing and solid brass shelves.
The solid brass shelves will be sleeved into the square holes in the top.
Installation of the bench seat starts.
Solid brass shelves completed and installed.
The kitchen, finished and ready for action!

Kitchen Pantry

The pantry which is behind the kitchen, under the stairs.
Adjustable shelf supports in oak.
Cork lined drawers.
Artichoke aged oak drawers.
Created By
Andrew Petherick