July digital focus : venue security AB Highlights venue security coverage compiled from our extensive archive


University of Oklahoma, Memorial Stadium

Still widely regarded as prime terrorism targets, stadiums and arenas must adhere to post-9/11 security vigilance at the turnstiles and beyond.

Stadium Security Professionals Urged to Remain Diligent

In this 2012 article, we examine how to implement best practices for properly securing sports and special events venues.

Making Safety and Security Part of the Facility Design Discussion

It is in the earliest stages of the design process for new construction or expansion projects that sports venue planners and operations leaders can achieve the most enduring and cost-effective impact on the venue's safety and security.

Outsourcing Event Security Brings Challenges, Advantages

Most professional and collegiate sports venues rely on private security firms to fortify their front lines on game day, invariably with the ample backing of law enforcement officials, but it’s a movement that has come under scrutiny.

Ensuring Safe Venues Starts with Event Staff Screening

Each game-day situation brings its own challenges, and managing those components at every level requires meticulous planning and execution, starting with security training, even for non-public-safety event staff.

How To Protect High School Sporting Events

A combination of technology, policies, procedures and personnel can ensure a safe environment for high school sporting events, all without making school events feel like a prison.

Integrating Entrance-Screening Technology in High Schools

Entrance-screening technology has become common on the professional sports level, and collegiate sports venues are increasingly implementing some form of entrance-screening technology. So why has the interscholastic level been so much slower to adopt this important security tool?.

How to Keep Sports Venue Parking Lots Safe and Secure

Parking lots can be particularly volatile after games, when fans β€” often wearing their opposing allegiances across their chests and stripped of inhibition by their own alcohol consumption β€” are exiting en masse.

Super Bowl Security Operations Combine Legacy of Best Practices with Venue Intelligence

Between bringing in two non-local teams (typically) for the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year, as well as their fans, and a lineup of pregame events, the Super Bowl brings plenty of excitement β€” as well as a whole new set of security challenges.

Notable Events in the Evolution of Sports Venue Security

How have various high-profile incidents highlighted the range of security threats posed to sports venues, and how has the sports security industry evolved in response?


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