Mallilieu Harmony Church 818 6th St

Main Church

Church Vestibule

Pair of sconces + bell?


Main Room Sconces

Church Alter


Church Mezzanines

Laminant color options
Conference table + chairs

Church Kitchen


Church Bath/Hallway


Office Furniture/Lighting

Office 3rd Fl Storage

Bridal Suite

Bridal Floors


Bridal Living Room

Sconces on side of bar

Bridal Bedroom


Bridal Bath

Kitchen Apartment

Kitchen Apt Kitchen + Living Room


Kitchen Apt Bedroom

Kitchen Apt Bath

Master Apartment


Master Apt Floors


sconces possibly by bed or by bridal bed; chairs possibly pulled up to desk

Master Apt Bath


Front Yard

  • Painted/Natural Picket Fence with orange wild flowers/greenery growing over, with two entrances – one small gate lined up in front of the church doors and a larger gate that opens for cars
  • tall tree/plant on left corner, to block out new white house
  • 2 tall black metal square grid privacy walls grown with jasmine. They will both have arched openings with locking/keypad doors/gates and lanterns on either side or above
  • Remove existing tree in right corner and replace with maybe a Cactus
  • Maybe high grass in front yard and yucca
  • left side fence will use existing neighbors horizontal slat fence

Front Left Side

a zen moment – more for photos and passageway than for hanging out

  • Concrete fountain (Donald Judd's in MARFA)
  • tall black metal square grid privacy walls grown with jasmine

Pathway to Backyard

  • Jasmine greenery continues along left side
  • Bamboo sticks laying horizontally across top with jasmine (inbetween windows)
  • needs lighting


  • Bosque of 9 palm trees with hammocks
  • Pea gravel on ground
  • Corrugated metal fence up against existing fence

Front Right Patio

for outdoor entertaining

  • Tall black metal square grid privacy walls grown with jasmine against existing fence
  • Pots with agave, cactus or citrus or flowers???
  • New concrete / fiber glassed floor/pea gravel/lawn
  • Beds for tall trees/plants to give lush appearance.
  • Tall metal poles to hang string lights/café lights from

Random TBD's

Inspiration Pics






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