Functions of Federal Government Policy Making

Some definitions to begin......

Public Policy: Actions taken by the government to attempt to resolve problems that involves discussion and debate about potential government action.

Domestic Policy: Decisions that the government makes about issues and problems that occur within the borders of a country.

Foreign Policy: Decisions that the government makes about how they deal with other nations around the world.

Fiscal Policy: The means by which the government adjusts its spending levels and tax rates to monitor and influence a nation's economy.

Goal of the lesson: I will be able to analyze the impact each of the 3 branches has on public policy.

Lesson Steps:

1. Use the definitions for the 4 types of policies: public, domestic, foreign and fiscal policies and find 2 news stories FOR EACH definition using:

2. Remember, do NOT simply put "public policy" into the search bar, use the definition of public policy to find stories that pertain to public policy. Use:

3. Add the links to the page or post or anything you are creating.

4. For EACH policy definition, you need 2 images that would help to represent the definition. Yes, that is a total of 8 images in all. Arrange the images however you want, but they should be representative of the policy definition you are trying to define.

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