Harn Museum Of Art Good Life Tour Of The Harn

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Harn Museum of Art

Old Man's Cloth

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui immediately caught my eye when I walked in the museum. Not only is this piece strikingly large, it is evocative through the medium it utilizes. This metallic tapestry uses discarded bottle tops of liquor bottles introduced to Africa by colonists. The style of the piece is reminiscent of African kente cloth which is the ceremonial cloth made by the Asante and Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo. The sheer size and magnitude of this piece evoked a sense of wonder and it is only when one gets real close that one can tell that it is made of bottle tops. The fact that this piece brings forth a history of colonialism, consumption, and waste in the style of a traditional ceremonial cloth makes it evoke a sense of beauty in spite of detriment that really must be witnessed firsthand to truly recognize and acknowledge.

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Harn Museum of Art

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters

Design of the Museum

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack is a striking piece for several reasons. For one, the design of the room it stands is wide and open and the statue remains the only object in the 20 feet radius that allows for more appreciation for its grandeur and beauty. It stands tall and exuberant proudly showing its bright colors and proportions reminiscent of classical Greek sculptures. The sculpture aims to depict a woman in power keeping the balance between men and offering healing, particularly social healing. I felt subdued under the sculptures grand aura, an aura that is emphasized best by the museum's liberal use of space depicting this egalitarian woman in her welcoming stance.

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Harn Museum of Art


Art and Core Values

Family by Agustin Cardenas particularly meant something to me because of where I am in my life right now. I have lived with my family my entire life and moving to Gainesville for college was a hard choice and one that I still feel the effects of from time to time. I am really attached to my family and the sense of unity this piece evokes is really striking. The 2 parental figures and the child are all connected into one surreal sculpture and I think that speaks volumes of how I value my relationship with my family. Appropriately, this artwork is Cuban as are my family and myself which is the cherry on top to the strong connection I manifest with this piece's representation of family, unity, and love.

Photo taken of Kevin Fernandez by Danilo Souza at the Harn Museum of Art

Seated Buddha

Art and the Good Life

The Seated Buddha, a 1500 year old statue, is perhaps one of the greatest works of art related to achieving the Good Life. What the Buddha's teachings represent is the search for meaning in life and such meaning being found through letting go of all desires which inevitably lead to suffering. The Seated Buddha depicts the Buddha meditating which is key to attaining the Good life, to learn how to control the mind and release it from any harmful stress or anxiety. The piece shows the Buddha in a state of mindfulness which is an essential Good Life theme as mindfulness allows us to appreciate our reality and truly enjoy things in life which we might otherwise dismiss or even dread. In fact, without mindfulness, I can see it being difficult being able to excel at enjoying the Good Life if not constantly being reminded of its novelty and value which we seem to easily forget as life passes us by. I can vouch as I have employed meditation into my daily routine and the difference it has made in my life is astonishing. The Seated Buddha evoked a sense of admiration in me, one that I hold for the Buddha's life-enhancing principles.

Thank you for joining me in my visit to the Harn Museum.

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