Newcomer Adult Photography Project New Canadians Centre - SPARK 2021

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Adults and seniors face many of the same integration challenges when building community connections as newcomer youth and children do. This project was conceived to inspire adults and seniors to learn about and connect with their new home, explore and connect with Canadian culture, language, the environment, and the people of our community through photographic instruction, practice and critique, storytelling, exhibit materials preparation, installation, and public presentation at a SPARK exhibit.

Top Row: Yaris Hernandes Ravelo - Bottom Row: Kaveh Sarami Foroushani (K)

For the adults, the program instruction dug deep into the operation of the camera, allowing the photographer to take full control and advantage of their “light writing” tool.

Top Row: Ozzy Jair Garcia Gutierrez - Bottom Row: Jose Alberto Luna Ortega

Each week students were tasked with a photographic assignment from which they choose 3 images to be printed. Students discuss the “proof” prints with energy and enthusiasm as they master not just the technical language, but also the visual language of photography.

Top Row: Dasharathbhai Nathalal Patel - Bottom Row: Maribel Del Socorro Puetra Castrillon

As voices switch between English, half a dozen other languages, and back to English again, along with much laughter and expressive gesturing, everyone managed to grasp the challenging photographic concepts being taught. In discussions, the students became the teachers.

Virendrakumar Pandey (Viro)
Ariyakutty Piratheepan (Ben)

The Adult Project was intended to conclude with a community exhibit during the SPARK Photo Festival 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19.


The Group: Vicky Huong Bui, Maribel Del Socorro Puetra Castrillon, Kaveh Sarami Foroushani (K), Ozzy Jair Garcia Gutierrez, Yaris Hernandes Ravelo, Jose Alberto Luna Ortega, Virendrakumar Pandey (Viro), Dasharathbhai Nathalal Patel, Ariyakutty Piratheepan (Ben)

Photo Group Instructor: Robert Boudreau

NCC Staff: Anne Elliott, Community Connections Worker


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New Canadians Centre (NCC)


Virendrakumar Pandey, Vicky Huong Bui, Yaris Hernandes Ravelo, Ariyakutty Piratheepan, Dasharathbhai Nathalal Patel, Jose Alberto Luna Ortega, Ozzy Jair Garcia Gutierrez, Kaveh Sarami Foroushani, Maribel Del Socorro Puetra Castrillon