Furture Technology Innovation By: Laura Gale, Sabine Timol, Supawadee Surattanont

The Issue

The United States of America spends millions of dollars annually on traning our police and military forces to use firearms. Police acadimes spend about 110 hours traning their recruits on firearm skills and self-defense. These programs are constantly trying to help improve their accuracy and efficiency on shooting tactics. However, the money and time donated to these programs can sometimes be wasted or not effective enough. To solve this issue, we present the "Laser Bullet" which will revolutionize our military industry.

The Innovation of the Century

The Laser Bullet

Purpose and Benefits

The previous issue shown above can be a big problem in our country. The laser bullet however, will solve this issue. This new bullet that we soon hope to create will be attracted to lasers using special laser technology. So if you point the laser at your target the bullet will hit the exact spot where the laser is. This new product will reduce our militray and police firarms program saving us millions of dollars. Just think of it, you dont even have to practice shooting, just point the attachable laser where the target is and fire the gun without any mistakes or misses. This new creation will be able to improve your accuracy and effiency by almost 100%. This bullet would especially be helpful for hunting running animals and mobile people/objects. Many people belive this has already been created due to special lasers on firearms, however, those lasers are a giudelines of where you might shoot. They are also different because regular bullets are not attracted to the laser, but the " Laser bullet is".


Because the bullet never misses, it could be very bad if it got into the wrong hands. Because of the special laser technology, your accuracy and effiency can improve by a large percent. If terrorist group or common criminals were able to somehow get ahold of this new device, it would mean trouble for everyone. Just imagine that if terrorist got ahold of it how they would utilize it to their advantge. This could put any citizen or any political member at high risk. Of course we would make sure that any person buying the bullet undergoes extreme interogation and would have to have a license, however, that only goes so far.

Features and Prices

This new bullet will have a special durable casing that is very sustainable to heat or massive amounts of force allowing the bullet to br reusable. These bullets would probably come in pack s of 20 for 100$ or 40 for 170$ and can only be bought with a special license. These bullets not only range in prices, but also sizes.

Challanges to Overcome

Thier will be many challanges is the rcreation of this new and effective device, however, their is always a solution. One concern we might face is making the bullet attrcated to the laser. However, with scientist and voluminous amounts of research it is possible. Another problem we might have to cope with is deciding who and who is not allowed to buy this product. Another issue that might occur is if our product is approved or rejected by military and government forces.

Creation and Distribution

If these products are luckily approved by the government, we will create them using special machines. Using machines will definetly be more sfae becuase no one can steal these product while being made. However, the factorys use to make these bullets will be scattered across the country and have massive amount of security. We will only ditribute them to militray or police stations by hand just to make sure they don't get into the wrong hands. The customers will also undergo reasonable questioning just to make sure they are not bad people.


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