~ The Broad Run High School Marketing Program ~[Scroll down this page to check out ALL our marketing & DECA opportunities & experiences!] Our program prepares students to be Academically Prepared, Community Oriented, Professionally Responsible, and Experienced Leaders! In marketing, we take pride in fulfilling the LCPS Mission, to “empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world”! We provide One to the World, Project-Based, Co-Curricular Service Learning Experiences through creative and personalized learning opportunities! Our students are creative, passionate, competitive, and love making a difference for others.

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Follow your passions! ~ Explore what you are interested in! ~ Create business solutions to real world problems! ~ Have FUN! ~ Be Creative! ~ Be in DECA! ~ Get professional and unique opportunities to learn by experience! What are you waiting for?! Sign Up for a Marketing Class! Get more information HERE! Want to see some of our students in action?! Click HERE to check out our Broad Run Marketing Program & DECA Hype Video!
Why should you study marketing?! ~ In EVERY career, in EVERY walk of life, EVERYONE needs a little marketing! ~ Click HERE, and check out more information on why you should study marketing, what our courses cover, and learn all about why you should be a part of one of the BIGGEST programs at Broad Run High School! We want you to be a part of the Broad Run Marketing Program & DECA Legacy!
What is DECA? What do you do in DECA? ~ The question is...WHAT DON'T WE DO?! DECA is all about opportunities and experiences. Broad Run DECA is one of the most active DECA chapters in the country. We learn about careers, we network, we do community service, we compete, and we make every moment count. We are ONE DECA FAMILY full of students from all backgrounds and all abilities! No matter what your interests are, DECA has you covered! Click HERE to see our 2020-21 Broad Run DECA Membership Form. Still not convinced?! Want to actually see what DECA provides?! Click HERE to see a Membership Video from last year!
The Broad Run SPART MART is a school-based enterprise (SBE) and is part of our Marketing Program and DECA Chapter. Our store is an entrepreneurial operation that provides goods/services to meet the needs of Broad Run High School and the entire Ashburn Community. Would you like to be involved with the SPART MART?! Could you see yourself working at our store? Would you like to design spirit wear and other merch? If you answered yes, we are SO EXCITED for you to be a part of our school store legacy and traditions. The SPART MART is a part of our Advanced Marketing Course, and our store is managed and operated by our students. That means, you need to plan, now, to be in Advanced Marketing for your Senior Year! That also means you must plan to take our Marketing Course during your Junior Year (it's a pre-requisite). Don't miss out on these unique and awesome opportunities! We provide hands-on learning that integrates National Curriculum Standards in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Our school store provides realistic and practical learning experiences that reinforces classroom instruction. The SPART MART provides opportunities to build management, supervision and leadership skills. We take pride in providing experiences to develop 21st century skills including communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, and we prepare our students for higher learning and future careers. Utilizing the SBE programs available through DECA further enhances authentic, experience-based learning for our students and can provide a framework for developing relevant curriculum that strengthens the connection between the classroom and real-world work experience. Click HERE to discover more information all about National DECA's School-Based Enterprises.
Broad Run DECA appreciates our Officer Leadership Team VERY MUCH! Our organization is managed by our student leaders! We take pride in providing our officer team with amazing leadership development opportunities and fun, professional experiences! Click HERE to see a list of our 20-21 DECA Officers. Please connect with us on social media; we would LOVE to hear from you! ~ BRHS DECA Instagram @brhs_deca ~ BRHS DECA Twitter @brhs_deca ~ National DECA Instagram @decainc ~ Virginia DECA Instagram @virginiadeca ~ National DECA Twitter @DECAInc ~ Virginia DECA Twitter @VirginiaDECA ~ Still looking for more DECA information?! Click HERE for the Virginia DECA website, and click HERE for National DECA.
The Broad Run Marketing Program and DECA Chapter is a part of Career & Technical Education. The CTE Program includes Business & Information Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Marketing Education, and Technology Education & Engineering. All courses incorporate teaching strategies that actively engage students in applying knowledge to real world scenarios. Students are provided with opportunities to earn industry certifications and credentials that are aligned with CTE course competencies. All our CTE Programs prepare students for college and for careers. Career and Technical Education students demonstrate the academic, technical, and employability skills needed for postsecondary and workplace success. Our programs improve student achievement in high school, college, and in careers. Click HERE for more information on Career & Technical Education. Click HERE for more information about the LCPS CTE Programs.