Modern Miniature By Kate Gamblin

I chose the brief title "create a modern miniature" I looks at a few photographers, then found some other ideas I wanted to work on and presented these images as a moodboard. The images based on the moddboard images I feel came out looking stronger , I preferred these i,ages also as I knew I wasn't using a photographers work to base the work off. I looked at small figures , using perspective to make something seem smaller and looked at how a person could portray someone older, making them appear to be a miniature of the way an adult acts.

I took these photos in Brighton and Londo, I used the ring pull of a can to make the subject of the image appear smaller , making it appear a miniature as a ringoull is a small object.
The use of flowers

For these images I used perspective to make the models appear smaller, almost fairy like as the flowers are perceived to be the models skirts.

In these images I used small figures and place them with normal sized objects, these images were based of the photographer Slinkachu.

I visited Ports down hill , to make the model appear tiny in comparison with the views that this location provided.

I looked at the work of Harry Callahan , who uses models stood far in the distance to make them seem even smaller in comparison with the views / skylines they are stood in front of.

Looking and the work of slinkachu , I decided to create my own version by using real people in real life situations.

I have made the model look as if she is sat behind the glass of the building . She also looks smaller as she is sat in the corner of the window.

This is the other version of the photo on the right , it looks like the model is sat in front of the glass as I haven't added an effect.
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Kate Gamblin


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