My Imagination Poem By Laurelin M. Estel // Page by ashley lemon

My imagination takes me to a place

Where the sky is green and the grass is blue;

Where the clouds are trees and trees are clouds;

Where dirt is white and fog is brown;

Where all of your wildest dreams are not too hard to fathom;

Where horses are unicorns and pigs can fly;

Where my thoughts can run wild like children through the forest:

Where the sea has stars and the sky has waves;

Where I can join the knights' crusade or visit Camelot;

Where dragons fly and kings reside.

My imagination runs deep as an endless ocean

As far as east is to west; infinity times two

The distance from the deepest reaches of eternity and beyond.

These are the workings of my imagination.

It is where I can explore the crevices of glaciers

Or climb the highest peak in the lowest valley,

Where I can fight side by side with Sir Lancelot or Gawain;

Watch Arthur wield Excalibur;

Make my own worlds of bliss or sorrow,

With struggles for good and evil.

Imagine heroes and damsels in distress

Where birds swim and fish fly;

Where metal grows and trees are man made;

Where the streets are paved with gold;

Where planes are cars and cars are planes;

Where ceilings are walls and walls are ceilings;

Where flowers are leaves and leaves are flowers.

My favorite place by far...

Is my imagination!

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