WW1 By donald birttnen

Causes of World War 1 are as followed, but not limited to, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, Serbia and Russia refusing to admit to being a part of the assassination, Russia being a menance to Germany and France helping Russia, Germany attacking France by going through Belgium, Great Britain joined because Germany attacked Belgium.
The US joined in the fight after: Germany invaded Belgium, they realized how much money they could bring in, Germany sinking The Lusitania, and after the German Foreign Minister sent a telegram to Mexico saying to attack the US
Doughboy was another name for an American in the Marines or the Army. The average man was around 5ft 5in, the average age was 30+, most of the men who were under-nourished after a year in the war grew and gained weight.
The battle of Loos is sometimes referred as "The Big Push" because the Allies attacked Germany in six different divisions, and was the first use of poison gas by the British Army, and they were successful by breaking into enemy positions. This battle lasted about a month.
Life at home was hard for a lot of people. British families had to be cautious of bombings, and other places were bombed by sea with Battlecruisers. Women weren't allowed to fight but they could now work in the factories and other workplaces, but once it ended they had to gg back to working at home. Children had to help by gathering supplies for soldiers and even be spies for them.

UK, US, France, Italy, France, and Japan eventually won the war, but at the cost of over 38 million people. The allied forces made Germany sign the Treaty of Versailles which made Germany give back all the land that they got from France, and pay about $33 billion dollars. The Fourteen Points were delivered by Woodrow Wilson during a speech, and they deal with the principals for peace in negotiations after WW1.

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