Authors: Lidia Monica Boje, Iuliana Baban, Laura Nagy

Project description: the European teachers who are partners in the "European culture through Museums" eTwinning project discuss with their students about protected natural areas in their countries. Each of the teachers suggest a virtual museum in their country and choose one to virtually visit each week. The European students involved in this project will access the links to the selected museums and will complete some tasks based on the things they saw. One of the museums chosen for the virtual visit is the "Ion Borcea” Museum of Natural Sciences from Romania.

Learning outcomes: Print screens with some of the most interesting exhibits, Padlets with the information gathered, improvement of digital competence and English language skills

  • Activity description:
  • students access the website
  • in groups of 4 students (from each country) virtually visit a section of the museum which was assigned to them and try to write down as many information as they can get
  • students make print screens with some of the exhibits they find the most interesting in their section
  • working in the same pairs, students are asked to create a padlet and post it on the twinspace of the project
  • each of the European students from the project observe their colleagues’ padlets and, in pairs, answer a questionnaire online

Support required: link to the website, teaching support, computers, laptops or smartphones, internet access.

Online tools: the website of the museum (, padlet, twinspace, google forms for the online questionnaire

Assessment: teachers will assess the knowledge the students gained during this virtual tour by analyzing their response to the questionnaires; in each school can also be organized debates on each virtual tour and presentation of the padlets students made.


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