Chromosomal Abnormalities Morgan Mahan

Down syndrome can also be called trisomy 21. its the most common chromosomal condition. if you have down syndrome you have an extra chromosome. the extra copy changes the way the brain is developed. there not sure why it happens. they think is has something to do with the egg and sperm when it comes in contact with each other. theres different kinds of down syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome is something that affects males physical development. if affects males that have smaller testes that dont produce much testosterone. Males that have this tend to be a lot taller than other males. Adults with with this syndrome is at higher risk for breast cancer. Children with this syndrome might have speech and learning problems, they tend to stay to them selves and is very quite.

Turner Syndrome affects the development in females. Most of these girls ovaries dont develop right and there unable to have children. 30% of females with this syndrome have extra folds of skin on there neck. Most girls have normal intelligence but most have a behavior problem. this happens when when one normal X chromosome is present in a female's cells and the other sex chromosome is missing or a little different. The loss of one copy of this gene will likely cause short stature and skeletal abnormalities.

color blindness is when people see colors differently, cause by abnormal photopigments. Sometimes color blindness can be caused by physical or chemical damage to the eye, the optic nerve, or parts of the brain that process color information. Men are much more likely to be colorblind than women because the genes responsible for the most common, inherited color blindness are on the X chromosome. Theres red-green color blindness, blue-yellow color blindness, and complete color blindness. There is no cure for color blindness its just something you have to live with.

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