Impact of community, media, and technology By:Kendall guagenti


"School is typically the largest and most important institution with which young people are involved, and it is a primary context for their development"(Unit 4). In school, kids come in contact with many factors such as hallway interactions, classroom behavior, social status, and cafeteria interactions can be a major cause to social behavior. There are many instances where bad outcomes can happen, although every students experience is different and is often very hard to find a pattern.


In a community, often the behavior and perception of neighbors and others in the community greatly affect the welfare of those around them. People who live in a nice, respected neighborhood with well educated and respectful people often have better behavioral patterns. "Living in a neighborhood with low socioeconomic status confers risks to adolescents in terms of a host of behavioral, social, and emotional problems" (Unit 4). These factors greatly impact how a young person behaves altogether.

Social Media & Technology

As a teenager, I know just how important social media and technology is in our generation. It is so evident that it's almost scary. "Social learning theory, which has also been applied in the study of media violence, suggests that when individuals see a behavior portrayed in a positive way, they have a tendency to imitate and adopt it"(Unit 4). I believed this is true, I constantly see things on Twitter or Instagram that portray violence or cruel acts, and looking through comments I see some people taking interest and wanting to try it.


Personally, I have experienced a change in behavior by the aura of my school. There are plenty of days where I come in having a great day, feeling great about myself and wanting to share my love with others, but I walk into a school full of groaning people complaining about how this person did that and that this teacher did this, and it completely ruins my day, and I find myself getting angry and conforming my behavior to those bad around me.

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Kendall Guagenti


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