Snowdogs by the Sea Social Report Donna Grout

The Snowdogs by the Sea Social Media campaign really came in to its own at the start of the Snowdogs trail in September 2016. To date the hashtag #BrightonSnowdogs has generated over 14.3 million impressions from 5,326 mentions across all social media channels which shows the reach and success of the social media side of the trail.


Our Facebook campaign was very successful and created an incredibly engaged community. Overall from September 2016 to January 2017 we achieved an increase of 3173 likes on the Facebook page to reach a total of 4030

Summary of end of trail posts and their successful reach - in particular the Auction Live Streams and Auction total announcement

The most successful Facebook posts throughout the entire campaign in terms of reach and engagement were the two live stream videos of the Auction. The first stream had the highest reach - 37,100 and the second live stream had the most engagement - 4,300 comments, reactions and shares in total. This is an incredible achievement considering the posts were not paid for in any way and we didn't publicise we would be doing a live stream.

A selection of the best performing Snowdog Facebook posts from the trail including the launch, trail updates and the farewell weekend

A key struggle with the engaged Facebook audience for Snowdogs was converting them over to Martlets. We attempted to tackle this by sharing stories which crossed both the Martlets and Snowdogs divide such as Rosie's love of Snowdogs. We also created specifically tailored content such as Snowbrador at Halloween to drive retail sales and also to create the right mix of content i.e. Non-asks in the right ratio to asks (our events)

A selection of Facebook content including created content such as Snowbrador at Halloween and New Year post - this was part of continuing engagement and driving conversions to Martlets


Our Twitter campaign was equally successful and proved key in communicating with our supporters in real time. From the launch of the trail in September 2016 to the finish of communications in January 2017 we achieved an increased 1847 followers, taking the total count to 2880.

Engaging in trending conversation pre trail
A selection of tweets about the trail going live/build to the trail
Our most engaged with media tweet for the trail
This was our most successful tweet which had the most interaction throughout the campaign. It had 44 replies, 205 retweets and 417 likes - this generated 36,753 impressions
An example of some of our #DoNotClimb messaging
We regularly made sure we tied in to match days at #bhafc with success

We generated a lot of social commentary on twitter- directly to us and also indirectly too. Some highlights were Caroline Lucas and Deborah Meaden picking up on the campaign!

Some examples of the direct feedback we received:

Twitter was a huge help in sharing our content stories and asks - such as for fundraising event sign ups, the farewell weekend tickets and also we live tweeted the entire Snowdogs auction via twitter too.


We only really began using Instagram regularly in the 2 weeks prior to the trail launching. We had great engagement and growth - an increase of 756 followers to 1064 over the September to January period. However, we could have posed more regular and planned content and seen even greater results.

Our most engaging Instgram post was our launch day picture of Marty - he was seen 1557 times & had174 engagements

A selection of some of the top posts - we did also post a picture of every single Snowdog over the final week of the trail.

Overall the #BrightonSnowdogs hashtag on isntagram has 3671 posts linked to it and the adopted hashtag by our followers #SnowdogsbytheSea had 4045 posts linked to it. This is interesting as the unofficial hashtag had the most content attributed to it.

Snowdogs Website:

Our Snowdogs by the Sea website was very successful. It hosted our content well and had a good number of hits throughout the trail. The period of September to January achieved 121,717 hits - including 2,848 click throughs to our Festive Farewell tickets, 1,361 click throughs to our trail map and also 1,775 click throughs to our online auction sign up.

The above shows the sudden spike of hits for the start of the trail- October was the busiest month with 41,262 hits. This could be attributed to the October half term.

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