Robo Baby Benjamin Attree

The task: We have to make a Digital Design Journal in Adobe Spark that shows everything we have learnt. We also have to create our definition of a monster with a twist of animatronics that can make it do 3 movements or it can have some functions. We also have to choose a genre of film that our monster would best suit.

Definition of a Monster

My definition of a Monster is something that has the ability to do things that are supernatural, such as control the weather or electricity. It can also do things that no normal human should be able to do like turn its head 360° and make its eyes change colour depending on its mood. E.g. Red - Angry, Blue - Sad, Yellow - Confused

Defintion Of a Monster


Examples of Monsters

Robo Baby, Jabba the Hut and Me


My Monster

My Monster: My monster is a baby that has the ability to turn on lights using it's arm, turn its head 360° and make it's red eyes turn blink. It is an evil little thing that has a new born baby's skin tone and is made of plastic and copper/steel.

Personality and Film Genre: Our monster is a creature based on animatronics/electrical and wiring. I think my Robo Baby would suit a horror or thriller movie like Annanbelle or The Boy which are about dolls that come to life and terrorise people.

Appearance: The baby has pale skin and is about 20cm tall, and is made of plastic on the outside but full of copper wires and electrical circuits for the animatronics on the inside.

Movement and Functions: It has the ability to turn on light using its hands, spin its head 360° around and make its eyes blink on and off. It sits on an RC car so it can move around very quickly.

Reasoning: I decided to go with these ideas because we thought that with a tesla coil in the baby's arm it would be like having magic powers and be able to turn lights on and off by pointing in a certain direction. I suggested to make its head turn around really slowly and creepily, and also make the eyes red to make it look evil.

Ideation log

The list of my ideas for my monster includes, using a newborn baby doll as the body, having a head that has a 360° rotation, eyes that light up red, having a tesla coil in the baby's arm that can turn on nearby lights and the monster sits on a remote controlled car so it can be controlled and move swiftly. I would like to make an audio recording of what I want my monster to say or sound like. I can hopefully load this into an audio program to add more interesting effects and eeriness to our monster. Most people don’t like the sound of babies crying, so hopefully a little processing of a voice with sound great.

Another design I thought of was that I could have a baby's head with red glowing eyes, sitting on top of some sort of robotic spider arm/legs that moves around very creepily. Closely related to Babyface in Toy Story. I just decided it would be a lot easier to have a baby doll than to try and program each individual leg to move the way it should.


Case studies

My goal is to pursuade you that my monster is the best and should star in the upcoming film. The task is to create a monster that suits a genre of film (horror or thriller) and is made using animatronics to have 3 movements or functions.

My monster has a baby form and babies are usually considered to be cute and innocent, which makes my Robo Baby seem like it's really creepy, so it definitely suits the horror or thriller genre. The three functions my monster is going to have are red glowing eyes that stand out in the darkest of places, a mini tesla coil in its arm that can control the lights by making them flicker and dim, and the ability to spin its head around very slowly and creepily. I have chosen these things because red eyes are usually associated with blood and fear, as well as standing out amongst darker colours, and the tesla coil will be like having super powers. I also decided to give it a head that turns around because no living thing can do this.

Some difficulties I might face when creating my monster could be that if I program it's head to turn a full 360° the wires might snap or become loose, so I am going to have to make it turn 180° so it faces backwards, then make it return to its original forward facing position. Additionally, getting the right position in the arm for the tesla coil to allow it to move up and down freely may present some challenges. The eyes will also need to be removed for the red LED's to be fitted inside and it may be a problem trying to cut holes in the baby's head.

Overall, my monster should definitely be chosen to star in the new monster film because it will haunt the most fearless of people, and the producers will be sure to want to make a sequel. My Robo Baby is very frightening because of the abilities it has - a tesla coil that can turn off lights faster than you can blink your eyes, a head that turns all the way round and catch people off guard, as well as red eyes that stare right into your soul. With Robo Baby as the "mon-star", this will be right up there with Annabelle and Chucky as one of the scariest doll movies of all time!


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