All About Food strategy day

The main objectives of the morning

To get them to think about different brand audiences

To define their messaging to each audience

To define the key objectives of the website

To explore how this would translate into a visual identity

(Our objective is to leave with a clear idea of what their visual style looks like, and how the website will work.)

Our key challenge is the balance of the village green concept (which they love, which matters because it means something to them,) with the dilemma which they have at the moment in terms of looking credible. As Chris said in the meeting:

the shit brands all come to us, but we need to go after the good ones

This translates into needing a more credible identity which will work when they present to potential clients, to big supermarkets - and to appeal to that audience on the website.

So the key thing for them to bear in mind is striking the balance between QUIRKY and CREDIBLE. So perhaps we could MAKE AN ACTUAL QUIRKOMETER so that we can keep that balance in the back of their minds.

Show them Innocent's website as an illustration of how you can do quirky AND credible, by keeping some of the quirk off of the front page.

As a reminder of who they are talking to, and what those people look like, we need to show them the Wahacca, Reds, Wagamama, GBK


We get them to populate the Venn diagram of messaging. How do/would they describe AAF to a, their friends, b, their clients, c, in a job interview situation? What are the central messages and language that are applicable to all audiences (the middle section), and then what are the key messages that ONLY APPLY TO EACH GROUP.


With their brainstorming help, we need to create user personas (templates here - maybe we could brand them)

We need to get them to think about the website (and the wider external brand) through the eyes of each of these people. What information do they need, and what perception do we need to create for them ? What are their emotional triggers?


Start to create a basic sitemap with them to force them to think about HOW each page will fit in, and WHAT content is crucial to include, and WHERE that content will sit.

These are people who have put a HUGE amount of work into their internal branding: essentially creating their employer brand. We need to use it as far as we can - so the village green idea is a way to pull all that stuff together - perhaps in a separate careers section of the site, so they get to indulge their village-ness in an environment where it doesn't clash with their external branding and messaging.

We need to talk to them about what it is about the village green idea that is so special - what it means to them, and what aspects of that they want to pull out on the site. Perhaps we could use a physical model village to get them to talk about how each element would work as part of a village (what does the town hall equate to, what does the bank equate to - IN TERMS OF THE SITE.)

The challenges of the village green concept:

The tech challenges: would probably need to run flash, hard to navigate on a mobile, dated concept, could easily be hard to use/navigate. Clashes with the messaging to key brands.

Present them with our revised colour/script type route, (Minus the illustrations, with the lines made softer.. Keeping the brands as the stars.) Get their feedback.

Present them with a few ideas about the village green idea worked into a careers section.

Find a way of linking the village green concept to this route.


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