Anasofia Rodriguez cuevas

Mexico City 1991

I am fascinated about photography and design, with a great love for nature and music. Passionate about film (make and watch). Observant and patient, yet extroverted. I dream of knowing as much as possible of the planet we inhabit and willing to learn from each person and place I would go finding.

Academic Training

Work experience:

2011 - Market Study (Analysis of competition, consumers, strategies)

2013 - Logo design and product photography for independent projects

2014 - Web design and photography of 3D printers as an intern

2014 - 2016 - Photograph of musical performances

2015 - Community manager (managing social networks) in Syntagma Branding

2015 - Digital Art teacher at the workshop within the interdisciplinary project "The Tree and Light" in the House of Culture Diego Rivera for the Cultural Institute of Leon

2015 - 2016 - Logo design and graphic art for the music label EAC

2015 - 2016 - Publishing, graphic design and photography for CIATEC (a research and technology center) as professional practices


In August 2016, I released an EP named ONE/EON/NEO with the record label WOS based in Mexico City. The EP is one track which contains three pieces made with multiple synthesizers


Passion about simplicity, less is more.

Geometry is the answer to everything, geometry is everywhere.

I'm in love with the Scandinavian design. I respect and follow the ten principles for good design by Dieter Rams:


I was living in NYC from August 2016 to January 2017 and it was a very important phase in my life.

To know the world where you live is the best way to learn, meet people, see places... To feel, to smell, to be AMAZED.

And at the same time... To get to know yourself and learn to be alone.

Find me in social media as @anasofiarocu or by email

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